The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

According to the Canadian Transportation of Safety Board, 300,000 car accidents occur in Canada every year. A handful of them causes severe injuries, some even death.

Because of the abundance of claims winning the case of a car accident is a big fight. So, it is wise to contact an experienced car accident lawyer. A lawyer is familiar with car accident cases and their possible tricky turnouts.

Causes of Car accidents: Everything You Need to Know

There is no formula for an accident. Some visible reasons have the history to draw frequent accidents.

Here are a few common reasons for car accidents in Canada.


It’s common sense that one mustn’t do something they can’t control. The propensity of speeding is consistently visible in those drivers who are teenagers. It is noticed that speeding is influenced by not paying attention to the road, playing music, distraction by any passenger, etc.

The powerful engine of the vehicle can also be a reason. Most importantly, speeding with thoughtlessness always owes the possibility of an accident.

The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

Driving in the rain or bad weather

One of the uncertain moves a driver takes while driving in the middle of a storm, or heavy rain or snowing. Low visibility, slippery surface, fallen trunk on the middle of the road, a pile of snows- a number of combinations of these can be ideal conditions for a car accident separately.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to forecast accurately the consequences of a bad weather, let alone at the time of a full season. So, it is wise to follow the weather forecast regularly.

Distracted driving

While it is possible to reduce up to zero, the records of distracted driving are increasing at an alarming rate. And, car accidents are there with a bigger number. One of the horrible realities is- the driver gets almost no chance to stop an ugly crash.

It’s an irony- the GPS technology and talking on the cellphone often cause distracted driving while these devices are for help. Having a high rate of accident distracted driving is a reason for severe injuries and deaths.

Impaired driving

It’s always prohibited to drive after consuming alcohol or any kind of legal or illegal drugs. Besides, the best practice for a person is to drive in the full sense. A drunken person has some tendencies while driving that sometimes turns to be lunatic-

  • Hurriedness
  • Tailgating
  • Making a zig-zag track
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Callus drifting
  • Breaking traffic rules
  • Driving into the opposite traffic lane, etc.

These actions not only cause an accident by the driver, but other drivers also lose their control over the wheel.

Reckless driving

There is no way to define driving other than reckless when a person intentionally violates traffic rules and shows no respect to them. Reckless driving has no innate motive other than being mentally stressed or careless.

Still, it cannot be justified, which can cause enormous damage to anonymous people and properties. And, undoubtedly, it is one of the leading causes of car accidents.

Drowsy Driving

Some people don’t take proper care of their health and often drive without considering the outcomes. There are so many accident records just because of drowsy driving. Naturally, a tired person may miss their vision at any moment.

Though that blackout takes a few seconds, there might have been a red light violation. Events like that can cause severe injury to any bicyclist or pedestrian. Sometimes, drowsy driving is considered similar to drunken driving. Whatever the definition is, an accident never gives anything but takes a lot of things from the victim.

Pedestrian at fault

Though most of the time, the victims are pedestrians, sometimes they are also responsible. Jaywalking, jumping suddenly in the middle of the road, walking on the road after consuming alcohol, distracted walking, etc., are the elements of a car accident by a pedestrian.

How to avoid car accidents

To some extent making the law more strict can reduce car accidents. It is also highly recommended that each individual proves themselves a law abided person whenever they are on the road.

Except legal stress on citizens, individual awareness can reduce a big portion of car accidents. That includes not using a mobile phone while driving, avoiding impaired driving, following rules and regulations, avoid aggressive drivers and bad weather.

Last Words

Hopefully, knowing the leading causes of car accidents will be helpful for you while moving outside. Either with a vehicle or as a pedestrian. It’s the knowledge that keeps you alert. And, that is what a person should pursue in every moment of life.

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