The Safest Car Pickup and Delivery Locations

When you partner with a car shipping company, your pickup and delivery locations are one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Although it may seem as if the nearest locations might be the best possible option, the reality of vehicle shipping is that pickup and delivery locations depend on many more factors than that one

For example, if you are not comfortable having your vehicle shipped straight from and to your home, learning more about your options can make all the difference. This means that you may pick and choose and thus have the optimum puzzle of price and experience for your specific needs and budget.

How to Choose Car Shipping Pickup and Delivery Locations

If you do not choose a door-to-door car shipping option, you must decide on a neutral site. Here are some of the things to consider in the decision-making process. All of the options listed below are safe, and each one has an advantage that may suit your exact needs depending on your vehicle, geography, budget, and other particular preferences.



The site needs to be easily accessible. For example, most car shipping companies use trailers to ship several cars simultaneously. It means that the pickup and delivery locations need to be accessible for a truck with a trailer of that size. This factor is also essential in setting up your auto transport cost – easily accessible and not too far off the city locations will cost less.


If you are mainly concerned with safety, as most car shipping clients naturally are, choosing your local mega-market chain’s parking lot is a great option to consider. These sites are usually well-lit, with many parking spaces at your disposal. One more advantage is that they are also usually close to highway ramps, meaning that your car shipping truck drivers do not need to waste time accessing them.

Another option could be a gas station. Make sure to check the gas station of your choice before you set it as your pickup or delivery location. Like supermarket chains, gas stations usually have room, and they are located near highway exits. Bear in mind the fact that not every gas station can accommodate a truck with a trailer that will be shipping your car.

Vehicle Haul Is Your Trustworthy Shipping Partner!

After reading this article, you can make a better-informed decision about your specific car shipping preferences. One of the best car shipping companies in the US, Vehicle Haul, finds customer needs the most important and puts them in the first place.

With over 15 years of experience in shipping vehicles across the US, Vehicle Haul understands how important your vehicle is to you and is here to handle your car’s transportation confidently. 

To start the booking process, first, you need to ask for a free price quote and fill out the form on the website, and after that, you’ll get all the required information. Vehicle Haul offers open car shipping, and many other services, for your best vehicle shipping experience.

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