Things to Look for in a Car Stereo

When you need a car stereo, it’s always good to understand the features that come with the system. Think about how it fits with your lifestyle and how to make your car more enjoyable. Whether it’s a USB source or having Bluetooth capabilities, consider what options you have available. Here are some things to look for in a car stereo.

Think of the Audio Sources

You have multiple choices when it comes to choosing the ideal car stereo. Some people still like changing CDs. Do you want an audio system with a CD changer to play some of your favorite music from the late 90s and early 2000s?

Maybe you have a DVD set and still like to entertain your little kids with a classic childhood movie on longer trips. You can still keep it modern by having a USB port for your MP3 player.

Have a 3.5mm analog auxiliary input that works well for iPhone and Android devices so that each person in your car has a chance to select the music they want for everyone to enjoy.

Better Streaming Functionality

You might want to pick a car stereo that allows you to connect to your favorite streaming service. Maybe you like to listen to satellite service in the morning instead of the factory radio stations. It’ll give you more variety because you don’t have to listen to the same five songs in rotation.

Also, you want something app-based to connect to your Spotify or Pandora playlist with stellar quality through the speakers. You can set custom stations and pause/skip controls to get through the music. Maybe you have a weekly podcast you like to hear every Friday before your casual day at work.

GPS and Navigation

If you’re someone who multitasks, a GPS works well. You might have kids that you need to attend to and don’t have the time to look at your phone. An in-dash system would help you keep your attention on the road and your kids in the car.

They’ll also let you know the best route to take to new locations and watch out for things, such as traffic jams or other obstacles on the road that would make your time in the vehicle more challenging.

Of course, you want the best sound possible with an audio system, but think about listening to your favorite music, podcast, and better directions for a richer driving experience.

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