Things you can upgrade in a used motorcycle

Used or new motorcycle, you will find some useful recommendations to upgrade the power of your motorcycle in this guide. Needless to say, most of the new motorcycles are best-in-class, so they do not need any additional attention. Still, ensure to read the article and find out how you can upgrade your motorcycle.

Of course, this guide focuses on users who have bought a second-hand motorcycle or think their bikes do not give the performance they used to do. Note that these modifications do not cost much but ensure to improve the condition of the motorcycle and its performance. However, retain that this guide doesn’t discuss usual or luxury modifications people consider for their motorcycles like seats or motorcycle speakers. Instead, this guide is more focused on improving the performance of your motorcycle with typical modifications.

Air Filters

Air filters pass the air to the engine after filtering it. But with time, they do not work in the same manner as before. And for apparent reasons, the air filters get clogged up by dust and debris. However, you can improve the performance by simply replacing the air filters. You will find several third-party brands that you can choose if you are not taking the motorcycle to the bike dealerships. Needless to say, third-party companies don’t mean they are bad in quality. In fact, opting for them will save you a ton of money, as the brands usually charge higher for necessary upgrades like air filters.


Another thing that can improve the performance of your motorcycle is replacing the exhaust. However, note that replacing the exhaust is usually costly. Nevertheless, it is the best way to improve the condition of your motorcycle. The exhaust also makes the motorcycle growl, so if you are one of the cool ones who needs something along that line, you can consider changing the exhaust.

New suspensions

Most of you might think of it as a luxury purchase, but opting for a new suspension not only smoothens your rides but also improves the performance of your motorcycle. Moreover, this also saves the fuel consumed and returns the money invested in the long run. You can take the motorcycle to a mechanic and ask them for a suspension — the ones that are not from the manufacturer. The benefit of getting a third-party suspension is that the performance of third-party suspensions is usually better than the ones that come from the company. So, if you are considering a new suspension, ensure to get a third-party suspension.


This one goes without saying but changing the tires doesn’t have to be halted till the entire lines of the tires have been erased. This is a popular misconception that actually can result in dangerous accidents. So, ask the mechanics if the tires are in poor condition if you cannot decide for yourself. Also, important to note that changing the tire is not only a safety matter, but it can improve the performance of the bike.

Engine Control Unit

Although a typical bike doesn’t come with ECUs, if you have a high-end bike, there’s a good chance that your motorcycle includes an Engine Control Unit. You can consider a new ECU if you are looking to improve the performance of the engine. The thing about ECU is they decide the optimal condition for power and torque, giving the performance a boost. And getting a new one means that you improve the performance significantly.


Batteries perform poorly in winters and can be a major problem if you do not give them enough attention. If it drains too fast, it could die one day, forcing you to drag the bike. So, as a general rule, it is better to get them replaced every two years. If you have bought a used bike, ensure to ask about the battery replacements made in the past. And change the batteries if the previous owners haven’t changed them in a long time. At the same time, if you haven’t changed the batteries for over 2 years, it is better to get a new one.

Engine guards

This is more of a safety measure, which actually can be useful and save you a ton of money by protecting the engines if you ever happen to be in an accident. So, if your bike doesn’t have an engine guard, consider adding one.


Coming to the luxury side, if you like, you can add elements like bling and give your motorcycle a new and unique look. As mentioned earlier, this guide mostly focuses on improving the performance of your motorcycle and less on the luxury things like speakers and bling. But if you want those adjustments, simply make a google search, and you will receive a ton of ideas to make your motorcycle look and feel unique.

Coming to the topic, you can change the air filters, exhaust, suspensions, tires, ECU, or batteries depending on the need. In fact, if your budget, ask the mechanic if changing all of them will be useful. They will inform you about what has to be changed and what shouldn’t — or in proper condition. And accordingly, change the units to improve the performance of your motorcycle significantly. And while you may not believe this without seeing for yourself, simply changes as air filters could really improve the performance of your motorcycle in a way that will impress you.

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