Thinking About Getting an RV? 8 Essentials You Need

If you’ve never owned one, it can take some convincing to get on board with the idea of buying an RV. After all, it’s not like owning a car or home — these things are expensive and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. And they’re big. How do they fit in my driveway? Where will I store it when I’m not using it? Can I even drive that thing?

And yet, RVs are more than just vehicles; they’re homes on wheels that allow you to go anywhere in comfort and style without having to pack up all your possessions every time you want to leave town for the weekend or even longer.

But before you start shopping for one, there are some things to consider first. Here are eight essentials every new RV owner needs:

Thinking About Getting an RV

1. RV Carport

RV carports for sale near me can provide protection from the elements while you’re parked at home or on vacation. It also serves as a good place to store items like cleaning supplies and tools.

2. Drinking Hose

You won’t be able to bring water from home (or even just buy it) if there isn’t a way to drink or pour the water into another container. A drinking hose makes it easy to take on the go without having to carry around bottled water all day long.

3. Surge Protector

Even though the power is provided by a generator, it is still important to have protection against surges and spikes. This will prevent damage to your electronics in the event of a lightning storm or other natural disaster.

4. Sewer Hose

The sewer hose is one of the most important items on this list. You want to make sure that your RV has a sewer hose that’s long enough to reach a dump station. 

5. Generator 

The generator can be used to power up appliances like microwaves and coffee makers, or even run lights and fans during power outages.

6. Leveling Blocks & Chocks

Leveling blocks are used to level your trailer during set up and leveling chocks are used after leveling blocks when moving your trailer around while parked

7. Tire Pressure Gauge/Air Compressor Combo

You’ll need this if you’re going on a long trip or doing any heavy off-roading with your RV (or even just driving through rocky terrain). It’s important that tires are properly inflated so they don’t blow out and it’s also important that they’re not over-inflated because that can cause damage as well.

8. Bike Rack

If your vehicle doesn’t come with a bike rack, this is an essential accessory. It will allow you to transport bikes without scratching or denting them. You can purchase one from most hardware stores or online retailers such as Amazon.

The Final Word

There are many reasons why you might want to get an RV: you want more space than can be afforded by your current home, you want to travel the country, or you just enjoy camping. If you don’t have a garage or carport to store your RV, then you might want to check out RV carports for sale near me. An RV carport will protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow that can damage its exterior paint and bodywork.

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