Thoroughly clean your bike

Cycling is a fun and useful activity. Unfortunately, your bicycle does not always remain in good condition, using the bicycle has an impact on every part of your bicycle. This is largely due to dirt. Sometimes you don’t even notice it, but your bike comes into contact with dirt during every ride. It is therefore not a luxury to clean it regularly, so that your bike remains in the right condition. In this article we explain the best way to do this.

Why is dirt so harmful to your bike?

You’d think a little dirt wouldn’t hurt. However, the reality is different. In the long run, it can affect the paintwork and the iron/metal. This will eventually lead to corrosion and rust. Examples of harmful dirt are salt, sand, mud and grass. Especially in the winter months you have to clean your bike regularly. During these months, your bicycle often comes into contact with road salt.

Thoroughly clean your bike

Use the right materials

Thoroughly cleaning your bike is not difficult. Unfortunately, you can’t get there with water alone. The right bike cleaning goes together with a good bike cleaner, water, microfibre cloth and brush. When you have these materials at home and follow the manual of the bike cleaner, you will thoroughly clean your bike. A good bike cleaner removes the most common dirt that your bike can come into contact with.

Don’t forget the chain

The chain may well be the heart of your bike. So take good care of it. A dirty chain can dry out, squeak, crack and eventually rust. In addition, it is a lot less pleasant to cycle when the chain is heavily soiled. You will also lose speed, in addition, a faltering chain can cause accidents. Think of losing your balance at a high speed. You need a special cleaner for bike chain cleaning. This one is very concentrated, as thorough cleaning of the chain requires a little more attention.

The chain is provided with grease, this can be lube or wax. This is a magnet for dirt, especially lube. Dirt therefore caked thoroughly and can settle deep in the links of the drive system. A good chain cleaner can, in combination with water, a brush and a microfibre cloth, thoroughly clean your chain. The chain should always be cleaned before re-greasing it. You should always have a chain cleaner at home if you want to maintain your bike properly.

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