Top 10 bike Engine Oil Parameters to Judge Quality

Engine oils act as a health tonic for the engines by providing the necessary smoothness to the internal
parts. Without engine oils, the internal components will see a lot of friction and suffer from wear and
Choosing the right kind of engine oil for your vehicle is also an art, and you will have to make sure that
you are feeding your engine the best quality of engine oils. To choose the best oil for bike engine, you
need to take certain parameters into consideration that include:

Engine Test
Engine oils are developed to make the engines work better, and the engine’s performance is the best
judge for the quality of engine oil. You can’t just go out and test it by yourself, so you need to read
customer and industry experts’ reviews.

Engine Stress
The stress that engines put on engine oil affects the chemical and physical properties of the oil. This
stress highly affects the engine’s ability to perform well in the long run. You must acquire the necessary
knowledge about the stress-taking ability of the oil.

The basic definition of viscosity is the resistance of fluid during the flow. Engine oil needs to flow
smoothly so that there is less friction between the engine’s internal components. If the friction is high,
these components will see a reduction in the ability to perform.

The operating temperature is another factor that should be used to judge the quality of engine oil. The
highs and lows of temperatures differ from one geographical area to another, and you must check out if
the engine oil is suitable for the temperature in your area.

Detergents are an important component of engine oil responsible for cleaning up solid material deposits
like rust. It is highly important to check for the appropriate detergent content in your engine oil.

Dispersants keep the solid particles from coming together and forming sludge or turn acidic. The right
proportion of dispersants is necessary to make the engine work better.

Anti-Wear Agents
Engine oils create a lubricating film that often breaks down. The anti-wear agents are necessary to
protect the metal surfaces. Anti-wear agents should be a necessary ingredient in high-quality engine


Antioxidants’ basic purpose is to keep oxidation at bay as it can lead to the oil’s unwanted thickness.
High-quality antioxidants in oil are the symbol of better performance.

Foam inhibitors
Engine oils must contain effective foam inhibitors as foam can highly affect the engine oil’s lubrication

The genuine and high-quality engine oils will always receive high grades from the industry. Check out if
the engine oil you are going to use satisfies the industry standards.
These were the top ten parameters that should be considered while judging the quality of engine oil.
Make sure that you undertake extensive research about the engine oil based on these parameters.

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