Top 4 Auto Window Tinting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Auto window tinting is worth $1,450 million and is an industry that is growing at a close to 4% rate. Needless to say, window tinting is an incredibly popular service that plenty of people takes advantage of. 

However, several car owners make mistakes when getting a window tint that they aren’t even aware of. We’re happy to provide guidance so that you can avoid these mistakes and get a window tint that you love. 

Read below to learn what pitfalls to avoid when you need a fresh window tint. 

1. Not Knowing the Law in Your State

Failing to recognize local window tinting laws can leave your bank account a little lighter if you aren’t careful. Each state has its own laws about the percentage of tint you’re allowed to have on your windshield and car windows. 

Some states let you have window tinting that is virtually pitch black, while others have more restrictions. Drivers licensed in the state will get cited if caught with an illegal tint. 

Since this is a permanent fixture of your vehicle, you can get hit with a ticket every single time you drive. Study up on the law so that you don’t make this mistake. 

2. Failing to Assess What You Want From Auto Window Tinting

Many people get car windows tinted without truly exploring why. There are several benefits of auto window tinting that you’ll appreciate, and knowing these benefits will inform the type of purchase that you make. 

Maybe you want to take advantage of the ultraviolet (UV) sunlight protection, or perhaps you’d like to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable in the spring and summertime. Other people like window tinting because it modernizes their vehicle and adds to the property values. 

Start by assessing what you like so that you’re better able to make a decision. 

3. Forgetting to Explore Your Options

Take the time to shop around so that you can get as many auto tinting quotes as you need to help you with your decision. There are a wide variety of tint finishes, such as metallic, gloss, and various shades of purple and blue. 

When you see what kind of work professionals in your area provide, you can compare and contrast between shops until you feel comfortable with the results. 

4. Trying to Do the Work Yourself

Unless you’re skilled at auto glass work, you should avoid going the DIY auto tint route, and instead hire a car window tinting company that can handle the work for you. 

Have a window tint professional walk you through what to expect, and ask about maintenance and care of your finished product. 

Get the Best Tint for Your Vehicle

Auto window tinting can take your vehicle from ho-hum to amazing. Let the tips above help you out so that you know which mistakes you should avoid at all costs. 

In the meantime, make us your resource for automotive news and notes. Check out our other posts so that you’re informed the next time you have a car project on your hands. 

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