Top 4X4 Accessories for your Ute in 2023

If you are like most Australian ute owners, you will constantly be looking for new accessories; your wheels are your pride and joy and you look for every opportunity to upgrade your drive. Christmas is coming up and with that in mind, here are a few of the top ute accessories that Australian drivers are buying.

4X4 Accessories
  • High-powered LED spotlights – For the best selection of low-input-high output spotlights, check out Bossco Auto, Australia’s best online supplier of 4×4 accessories. You can search by wattage, lumens, size or price, which makes it easy to find the product you are looking for and even if you already have a few sets of LED spots, another pair won’t hurt!
  • Bull bars – While bull bars look super cool, they also have a function, which is to protect the front of your truck. Have you ever been on a country road and suddenly your ute is surrounded by sheep? You can ‘shove’ the animals at a slow speed and forge a pathway through, although it isn’t really recommended. If you drive a Hilux, there are some fancy bull bars that will transform your wheels, while this piece of kit fully protects your lights, grille and any spots you might have.
  • Hard lids – There are times when you want to protect cargo and the best way to do that is to order a hard lid from Australia’s leading ute accessories supplier, which comes complete and ready for installation. This might be stored in your garage most of the time but there will come a day when you are glad you had the foresight to acquire a hard lid.
  • Cargo nets – Whether you are hauling fresh produce or moving a friend, a decent cargo net ensures you don’t lose anything. There are different qualities and we recommend choosing a top-end net, which won’t degenerate with constant sun. You can pack it into a small bag that takes up next to no space and there will come a day when you need it.

For the best deals on top brands, Google ‘ute accessories online’ which will take you to the best website for all 4×4 accessories. Xmas is almost upon us and if you have a special someone who drives a ute, it’s not too late to place an order.

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