Top 6 Best Nissan Models in 2021

How did the pandemic affect car sales?

The year 2020 marked the 4th largest annual decline in sales for the auto industry since the ’80s. However, as things start returning to normal, sales are finally picking back up!

If you’re thinking about starting off the new year by purchasing a new car or van, then why not get a Nissan? Nissan’s are fuel-efficient vehicles, with state of the art technology upgrades. In this short car buying guide, we’ll review 6 different models, highlighting their best features.

What 2021 model is right for you? Read on to find out!

1. NV Cargo Van

First, on our list, we have the Nissan NV Cargo. The NV Cargo is the perfect choice for contractors who need a reliable work vehicle. You’ll be able to enjoy maximum towing capacity, allowing your company to bid on the big jobs.

The wheel wells and flat floor of the cargo van make it easy to fully load. You can also opt for a model with a high roof, to create even more space for moving cargo.

Another advantage is the strength of the NV Cargo engine. Whether you’re towing items or hauling cargo, the V8 engine with 375 HP will help you get the job done.

The NV Cargo is also fully equipped with hands-free navigation features and Bluetooth capability. You can add in additional features such as leather seats, a moonroof, or LED headlights. There’s also cruise control to make your life easier.

2. NV Passenger Van

Next on our list of Nissan vehicles, we have the NV Passenger Van. Similar to the NV Cargo, the NV Passenger’s design gives you great towing capacity and cargo space. However, instead of having a business-centered approach, the NV Passenger appeals to your playful side. Imagine being able to haul all of your outdoor adventure gear, while also comfortably sitting everyone in your party.

Need more space for your gear? No worries! The rear seats are completely independent and can be removed with ease. As far as safety features are concerned, the NV Passenger comes with 8 standard airbags, along with a driver-assist. The vehicle dynamic control will make it easy to avoid under or oversteering. Lastly, passengers will love riding in style with overhead air vents, floor heater vents, and rear climate controls.

3. New Altima

Moving on, let’s take a peek at what the Altima has to offer you. If a passenger van isn’t your style then consider going compact with an updated Altima. The new Altima comes with all sorts of fun technology features, such as blind-spot warning. You’ll also be able to enjoy automatic emergency braking.

Automatic braking means the vehicle can detect a possible collision, or person in your path. The new Altima also has high beam assist, lane departure warning, and rear cross-traffic alert. What’s happening under the hood of the Altima?

Drivers can choose between either a 4-cylinder or VC-Turbo engine size. When you visit Nissan dealers, request to test drive the Altima. Whether you wind up driving an AWD or FWD model, you’ll love the way the Altima handles the road.

4. Maxima Sports Car

Do you want a vehicle that’s fast, high-tech, and sporty? Then look no further than the Maxima models for 2021. The Maxima’s are 4 door sports cars, built to deliver a luxurious driving experience.

Inside the Maxima, you’ll find zero gravity seats that have 3-D bolsters. The seat bolstering helps you stay in place, even when you’re taking sharp turns. You’ll also love using your remote engine start system that comes equipped with climate control. The intelligent climate control responds to the current weather to adjust the temperature in your cabin.

If you and your passengers have different climate preferences, no worries. The dual-zone automatic temperature control makes it easy for everyone to be happy!

5. Sentra SR

The Sentra is another one of our favorite Nissan cars for 2021. The sleek modern look of the Sentra combined with advanced technology makes this sedan a must-have. Whether you’re looking for a city commute, or a car to get away with for the weekend, you can have it all with a fuel-efficient Sentra.

The 149 horsepower engine has a responsive transmission as well, so you’ll have all the power you need to pass, merge, or maintain speeds. The Sentra also has an upgraded steering wheel, dynamic handling, and sports car suspension.

If you’ve never sat behind the wheel, make sure you test drive one at the dealership. You’ll be especially impressed at the Sentra’s ability to handle tight turns.

6. Versa Xtronic

The Versa Xtronic is another great sedan option. The sleekly designed car has a distinctive look, that’s fully customizable. You’ll be able to choose between a manual or Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT). The transmission you choose will determine the trims available. If you’re going with an Xtronic CVT transmission, you can choose between the S, SV, and SR, body trims.

Whereas the manual transmissions only come in the S trim model. Inside the car, you’ll realize there’s a lot more room than other sedans. That’s because the Versa was designed to be roomy, as well as flexible to meet your ever-changing needs.

The trunk has a lower opening than past models, along with more room, making it easy for you to load up. There’s also smart storage throughout the vehicle, so your phone, water bottle, and snacks will always have a place to go.

Test Drive 2021 Nissan Models

Which one of the Nissan models in this article will best suit your lifestyle? Do you need the space to transport the entire team that the NV Passenger offers? Are you looking for a more sporty ride with the new Maxima?

Remember, reading about cars is one thing, but test driving them is an entirely different ball game. Before you decide what model’s right for you, visit a local car dealer today. After getting behind the wheel, you’ll be able to determine what model fits you best. For more tips like these, explore the rest of this site.

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