Top 6 Reasons to Rent a Car in Puerto Rico

It should be a punishable offense somewhere in the world constitution for anyone not to visit Puerto Rico at least once in their lifetime. Not only to swim in its blue pristine waters and sunbathe on the white sandy beaches sipping Pina Colada and Rum but to also explore and discover the beauty that is Puerto Rico. To know her soul.

Puerto Rico receives many tourists annually, mainly through the international airport in San Juan. San Juan is Puerto Rico’s capital and largest city. The main means of transport to move around is by car, with many car rental companies offering car rental services including alamo San Juan Puerto Rico, Avis San Juan, and Hertz San Juan to mention but a few.  Renting a car as your means of transport is a popular and convenient way to enjoy your vacation in almost all destinations you as a tourist would want to visit. Let’s look at the top 6 reasons why you should rent a car for your trip to Puerto Rico. 

Newer and More Reliable Cars

When renting a car you get access to any type of car you want. Whereas you may have a car, it may not be as new or as reliable as the ones you may find in a rental car company. Who wants breakdowns and issues with their car while on a vacation to Puerto Rico?

Rental companies have a reputation for well-maintained cars, and it would be prudent to bet on them as they have been tried and tested over time to avoid an inconvenience that may disrupt your trip.

Rentals May Be Better on Gas Mileage

Due to maintenance, you will find a rental car may give you better gas mileage which in overall will help in making some savings on gas money. This is especially the case if your vacation will involve moving around a lot.


When moving around during your vacation the only two convenient ways would be a taxi or a rental car. When you compare the cost of the two, renting a car will be cheaper in the end. Add that to the freedom and convenience, renting a car will be your choice any day anytime. For those traveling as a group renting a car will also be way cheaper than taking a taxi.

To Discover New Attractions

There is more to offer outside the cities and the towns. To move outside the cities and towns can be by either public means or private means. Buses and trains have specific routes that will often limit one to the exploration they can do. But moving around with a rental car, you will find yourself discovering new places and attractions you wouldn’t have while using public means.


The comfort of renting a car can’t be compared to using public means. You can take stops for bathroom breaks, food or even to take pictures as much as you want without restrictions. You can even pull over to just stretch or even enjoy an afternoon nap. This will not be the case when using public means.

Vacation Feel

Driving a car that is not yours during the trip adds to that vacation feel. Taking a different car and moving around in it in a new environment cements the vacation mood feeling. The rental car may also have some different features from yours that will add to the experience.

Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

Some of the must-visit places in Puerto Rico include:

  • The streets of old San Juan;
  • Visit the Bacardi distillery;
  • Visit El Yunque national Forest;
  • Visit the 3 Bioluminescent bays;
  • Explore the pink salt flats in Cabo Rojo;
  • Visit the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

There are also things that you should know before visiting Puerto Rico:

  • Americans don’t need passports to visit Puerto Rico;
  • Spanish and English are the languages in Puerto Rico;
  • The currency is the USA dollar;
  • The Legal drinking age is 18;
  • The weather is tropical;
  • The metrics may be different from those commonly used in the USA.


 Being an American territory, car rental in Puerto Rico is generally like in any other place in the USA. With several companies offering the services you will be spoilt for choice. Having looked at the reasons why it’s better to rent a car we will all agree it’s the better option when visiting Puerto Rico. Make a trip to Puerto Rico, rent a car and go enjoy all that Puerto Rico has to offer.

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