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Do you know What are the Top Car Brands in the World? If you are willing to know then lets have a look on this blog. There are several authentic number of selective cars that end up with real time subjectivity. Most of them are from Asian, American, European famous automobile that has highest productive rated cars. They are also popular by their history in manufacturing and known widely as reliable vehicles. Now we have summed up with the list of Top Car Brands there brands and values. And 2019 auto show



BMW is the German production that has released by the top appreciated models in the past years of different categories. The top rated vehicle coming from BMW is i8 hybrid Super SUV.

bmw 2019

This vehicle was launched in 2012 in Frankfurt. As summarized and compared with Audi R8 and Porsche 911, BMW i8 Hybrid is all above. It comes with 2.0 liter internal fuel consumption with 130 BHO motor. It is very fuel efficient t beat all the models as an competitor. BMW has 145 MPG impressive HP. BMW also comes with multitude of color with black, white, blue, silver and customer need.


Audi is a German automobile manufacturer company. The German brand offers everything from small, entry-level luxury cars to a full-blown street-legal race car. In this slideshow, you’ll find every Audi model that currently appears in our luxury vehicle rankings, from good to best. The best-rated brands this year are a make that held the spot last year and one that moved up several spots. At the other end of the list, one brand holds the unfortunate distinction of being by far the worst-rated.

Audi logo

Honda Motor CO:

honda logo

Honda is on the second in our Top Car Brands list. Honda is originated from Japan. It was the second half of century that it becomes as the biggest producers of SUVs. It has now knows as the dedicated luxury brand. Acura is gradually lead to the multiple countries like Canada, USA, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, and others. Honda Acura in the market is now creating new inspiring features and technologies to leads the concept of 660’s car. The other one is Honda civic Type R that was launched at 2012 Paris motor show that offers 1.5 liter turbo charged engine and ability to produce more than 300 BHP.

Honda civic

Ford Motor Co:


Ford is an American Brand manufactured to be in the list of Top Car Brands all over the world. Because of its history of 100 years in past producing exquisite vehicle impresses the drivers with its functionality and design. Ford is famous because no vehicle of Ford consumes more than 2.5 liter on diesel and 2.0 liter on the petrol. Ford also provides the classic hybrid engine with all the comparative combination of electric and gas, petrol & diesel. Ford the Brand generally focused on improving the fuel efficiency, safety spec, interior design and much more.



Porsche is the best articles among the top brands of the world. The name Porsche is now a famous that to pronounced by all the best drivers in the world at least once. Porsche is used the participation in the world of racing and competitions. This company is has been cross with the current brand value of suppress $12 billion in one year only. The manufacturers of Porsche make sure that they make fuel consumption not greater than 3.0 liter to produce 450 HP engine. It has been known as inspiring power, excellent exterior, perfect interior designed and LED reviewers. Porsche can be compare with any SUV and sports car in the world. Porsche comes with stylish substance that can win the race with usable performance that required enough practice. It is of elegant style that put enough HP to make this SUV car above all.



Volkswagen is the one of best manufactured vehicle from Germany. This Volkswagen is rated to be estimate at the high build rate of $7 billion per year. The company was ranked as the best SUV manufacturer in 2012. Its models are large and it is now offers almost 2.0 liter turbo diesel for 150 HP and 200 HP with complete entry level mode with 1.5 diesel engine and 120 HP. Volkswagen also works on diesel engine with the easy way of official claim that is less than 2% from the oldest passes. The company has been started with automobile craze in north America after benz got best engineering award. Volkswagen has all the cars listed of moderate price from the company and raises no problem with other brands. The company market has been kept up with 15% almost in last past years. Volkswagen is also interested to launch electric era car and hybrid technology soon.



FERRARI is an Italian brand that is almost knows as the luxurious brand in the fast car worlds. It was reported in automobile manufacturing adventure that since they produce sports car. All the market is now down in front of FERRARI. It is now known for releasing very limited quality of vehicles every twice a year. The main reason of this brand is they are going outrage and expensive. The company was committed to offer 6.3 liter fuel consumption engine that produces 900 HP along with electric motor to produce 150 HP. FERRARI is a slight sore of eye that is wonderful and gives smooth lines on the road with all over excitements. Moreover the new investors are also concerned to the company that they will not to be late to gain the features of FERRARI. This investing activity will change the automobile industry all over.

Aston Martin: 

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is the British based company that is busy to develop the grand toured and luxury automobile suvs. Aston Martin was found in 19000 and it is now become the popular mid 70s. Aston Martin use to introduce their vehicles in James bond movies. It is also featured as the spy favorite car. It has found the concept of driver less car technology into main stream. Aston Martin as announced that to launch the new model called langonda. It is said that the customer delivers best review in 2019. Aston Martin never revealed the features of technical details. But it guaranteed that nobody can deliver the best fuel consumption than 6.0 liter with turbocharge engine. Aston Martinis investing in the battery drive trains, investment shareholders hope they will pay off them in coming decade.



VOLVO is the Swedish car brand that is knows on produce the reliable and safe automobiles. VOLVO has been released its new model on 2018 XC 90 that comes with 3.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine to produce 230 HP. VOLVO focuses on safety force and always thing out of the box with auto braking technology. It’s all hybrid model brands are top on selling . Volvo has been ranked top in the market leaders with its electric car technology. Its stock has been raised with 2% in last 6 months.
This is all about our summarized Top cars brands report that we have observed and think. Now you have to let us know that what you think and if you are agreed and believe that there must be some changing in the world Top cars brands. So please tell us.

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