Top Speed Commute E-Bikes

Traveling at a fast pace to reach your workplace has become a necessity in today’s life. People want to travel quickly from one place to another, yet the transportation should be classy and user-friendly too. Keeping this idea in mind, the demand fore-bikes is increasing day by day. An e-bike is an easy and convenient way of moving around. There are many e-bikes in the market with the concept of a top-speed commute e-bike. However, ADDMOTOR manufactures the best top-speed commute e-bikes.

How to select top speed commute e-bike

When it comes to choosing the top-speed commute e-bike, there are so many factors to look at. It also depends on the needs of a person in his everyday commute. A certain criterion to assess an e-bike includes range, ease and competence, speed and control, and extra features. E-bikes are classified into three classes. Class 1 e-bikes, pedal-assist only up to 20mph; class 2 e-bikes, pedal-assist and throttle up to 20 mph; and class 3 e-bikes, pedal-assist only up to 28 mph. The speed of an e-bike is always dependent on its electric motor. The stronger the motor, the faster the speed of the e-bike would be.

Following are the top-speed commute e-bikes manufactured by ADDMOTOR.

M-81 Cargo Electric Bike

M-81 Cargo Electric Bike is one of the fastest speed commute e-bikes. It is a Class 2commute electric bikewith an assimilated back rack, which helps carry stuff with a large capacity. It is ideal to travel with kids in the city. The M-81 is an easily adapted e-bike with top-class performance. Its riding range is 80+ miles, which makes it best suited for commuting to the workplace, short vacations, and adventurous rides. It also possesses a large cell capacity of 5000mha. It has stab-resistant tires, which makes it easier to travel without a flat tire. It is a user-friendly and easy-to-handle e-bike.

E-43 City Pro Electric Bike

E-43 City Pro Electric Bike is one of the finest manufacturing products of ADDMOTOR, which has minimized the practice of car commuting by its vital benefits of speed and control. It has a battery capacity of 20 Ah(960 WH), which offers a long range and an improved commuting experience. Its motor power is 48V * 500W which enables it to accelerate over hills. It has a riding range of 125+ miles with 8mph, which makes it user-friendly to commute for the long-distance workplace. It has a maximum speed of 20 mph with coverage of 70+ miles. It also possesses a large cell capacity of 5000mha. It has a hydraulic disc brake system. It has 26” x 2.3” Kenda Tires, which are completely covered with huge curved glue tread designs. Whether you ride alone or with a partner, City Pro-commute electric bike is the best choice for e-bike commuters.

M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike

M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike is the fast commuters’ choice, as its speed exceeds from 20mph to 25mph downhill. With an amazing design, this cruiser commute electric bike can take you faster in the city rides to your workplace and home. It is a step-thru, one-of-the-kind e-bike that can take you through the rough and hard hills and roads, soft and silky snow, and beaches with excellent speed. It has a rear-mounted motor with 48V*750W. This e-bike has a riding range of 80+ miles. It has the new high volume 21700 battery cell. With the capacity to carry groceries and stuff, M-66 stands out as a convenient and enjoyable ride. It has 20” x 4.0” strong Kenda fat tires. With all these amazing features, M-66 can be considered one of the top-speed commute e-bikes by ADDMOTOR.


M-60 R7 Cruiser E-Bike

For anyone looking for fun and top speed at the same time in commuting, M-60 R7 is the right choice for them. It is an urban beach cruiser e-bike with simple style and upgraded e-biking technology solutions. It possesses the top commuting speed of 20 mph and goes up to 55 miles (PAS) per charge. It can work both as peddle-assisted, muscle power, or throttle. It gives the rider a great range of riding with an adventurous on-road experience while being a comfortable ride on the go.


In conclusion, an electric bike is user-friendly and best suited for people who want to win the race of life. Cycling with an e-bike is a one-time investment that benefits the users in the long run.

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