Trailer Wraps for Your Fleet

Promoting your brand and transforming your trucks and cars are now possible by using wraps. They will serve as advertisements where you introduce your brand and get impressions for passers-by, commuters, and pedestrians. Learn more about the wraps when you click here.

Wraps on the outside of vehicles are becoming interesting in the eyes of people stuck in long lines and traffic. This is why various companies are investing in these colorful moving ads on their fleet because it helps with brand recognition and more sales, and it is a very profitable undertaking overall.

What are the Three Primary Types to Know?

You can choose between glossy, satin, and matte finishes like the prints on photographs. The first is quite common because it resembles reflective paint on trucks and cars. You can also add your products and logo on the side windows or the hood. On the other hand, there is always an option to opt for the eye-catching and gleaming gloss that will look like the car had just a paint makeover from the local automobile shop.

For matte finishes, they will stand out because they are unique in such a way that they accentuate the shape of the car where they were designed. See the other curves and accents that make your trucks look sleeker and more elegant. When you want to include some prints, it would be easier for consumers to read them from afar because they do not reflect the sunlight on their surface. The result is an easily readable contact number, email, and company name that many people will recognize.

Not a fan of the two? Satin wraps are also a good bet because they would not be bright as the glossy type and not as reflective. However, the colors will not be too dull, unlike the matte. With the right manufacturers, there will be no limit on what you can achieve with the different mediums and materials used in your project.

Great Ideas for Designs to Consider

Companies do not just put the colors, images, and text that first come to mind. Instead, they have a planned layout of what they would present to the consumers outside. Depending on your goal, here are some ideas that may resonate with you.

1. Custom-Made but Simple Designs

One of the best designs that is simple but easy to remember is that of FedEx. It ishighly effective where over 80,000 vehicles get the logo printed on them and proudly showcase the company logo wherever they go.

Uncomplicated but custom-made designs will make you more recognizable, which can be favorable for people who want more security and familiarity. With the right trailer wraps, you can achieve the same unified color scheme representing your company. This is in addition to the spot graphics available from various manufacturers.

2. Wrapped in Full-Body 

Wrapping the entirety of the truck in full-body designs will be an excellent way to promote one’s brand. It will make a more visually appealing impact on various places, and your contact information will always be seen.

Fun and full-color patterns are extremely popular and are used for coverage. A crisp and bold text will also tell potential customers what you are offering and how they can use your products daily. Interested people should be able to call you or search your website, so add these details.

3. Complex Types

Look for companies that can handle complex projects where they can get a fleet of trucks done in a couple of weeks. This applies to larger corporations with a larger budget and can do a larger canvas and portraits on the rear walls and the cars’ sides.

If you deliver food, get that steak colored and make the customers hungry with the sight. This will be the start of a string of emotional connections they will associate with your company, and it can make them create a positive association whenever they see you. Not using larger vehicles will mean that you might be losing to your competitors when it comes to promotions and you can see more about this at this link:

4. High-Quality Prints are Important

Graphics, colors, and styles should be high-quality, custom-made, and clear. Never settle for less; they should be durable enough to withstand rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays. They should not develop bubbles or degrade; the adhesives should stay intact. You can get all these from the right manufacturer with an excellent industry reputation.

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