How to Maximise Your Profit When Selling Your Used Sports Car

Want to sell a used sports car but can’t afford to accept a low-ball offer from a car dealership? There are a few ways that drivers can maximize their profit when selling used cars. Read on to find a few tips that can help.

Find the Right Buyer

Selling to a used car dealer is never the best way to make a profit off a used car. Even if the car is in great condition, dealerships aren’t in the business of making other people money. They’ll offer the lowest possible price so they can make more money when they make a sale.

That doesn’t mean drivers should resort to unsafe practices like selling on Craigslist, either. Instead, find a company that specializes in buying and selling used exotic and luxury vehicles. Drivers can click here for more information about one company that will buy sports cars for what they’re really worth.

Provide a Detailed History

No matter where they go to sell a used car, drivers should always be prepared to provide a complete, detailed history of all the work they’ve had done. Things like recent repairs and new parts can increase the car’s value, while issues like accidents or unexplained bodywork will look bad during negotiations. Drivers who have taken great care of their cars can benefit from providing a detailed service history since it shows they’ve provided adequate maintenance, while those who have been in accidents can avoid potential problems during the negotiation and after the sale by being upfront about it.

Find Out What It’s Really Worth

Find out the resale value in advance to get an idea of what a reasonable offer might look like. Sites like Kelley Blue Book feature online appraisal tools that make it easier to determine a vehicle’s worth based on its make, model, mileage, and current condition. Drivers who arm themselves with this information in advance will be unlikely to accept an offer that is far below the car’s actual value when it comes time to sell. Drivers who arm themselves with this information in advance will be unlikely to accept an offer that is far below the car’s actual value when it comes time to sell. Further Reading: What is the Best Way to Find the Value of My Car

Perform Interior and Exterior Detailing

Cars in a like-new condition will fetch a better price than those that are substantially damaged. Drivers often underestimate how much of a difference a full interior and exterior detailing can make, though. While it makes little sense to invest a ton of money into fixing expensive mechanical problems, it’s a great idea to clean both the inside and the outside of the car thoroughly and perform some basic detailing like touching up scratches.

Remove Modifications

Some drivers love modifying their cars. They need to keep in mind the fact that potential buyers won’t necessarily feel the same level of enthusiasm for smoked tail lights or blacked out rims, though. Consider removing any modifications to the vehicle unless they’ve been performed professionally and actually increase the performance of the car. Sellers can always offer to include any styling modifications if the buyer wants them.

The Bottom Line

Don’t get ripped off when selling a used sports car or fall prey to scammers on the Internet or at disreputable used car dealers. Instead, just make any affordable improvements to the car’s current condition, get a reasonable idea of how much money to expect, then trust a company that specializes in luxury and exotic vehicles to offer a fair price. Following these steps will remove all the hassle from selling a used car without costing drivers a fortune.

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