What a new learner needs to know about the truck driving training program?

Truck driving programs are designed for students who want to adopt truck driving as a profession. These training programs are designed to polish the driving skills of both partially trained and untrained individuals.

Besides introducing to the trucking industry, the detailed Truck Driving School gives theoretical and technical familiarities on safety, first aid, close-quarters operations, trip preparation, town/city or open road driving, federal driving laws, and materials and cargo operations.

Taking a part in a truck driver training program without knowing its benefits and requirements is like jumping in the water without knowing its depth. So, here’s what you need to know.

truck driving training program

What is it comprises of:

Truck driving training comprises several class lectures, hands-on driving, and technical training. It also includes a valuable run through on air brakes, hazardous materials, combination vehicles, and doubles and triples.

Overall training cost:

Truck driving training is expensive as compared to forklift truck training. For an entire training program, it costs you around 3000 to 10,000 dollars depending on class, city, college, and state you are about to attend your classes in.

Who can apply for this training program:

Any mentally sound individual that is above the age of 18 is eligible for a short truck driving training and 21 for a long-haul training program.

The ability to meet the requirements of the federal department of transportation and the capability of reading and writing the English language is also counted.

Which institutes are offering such training programs:

You can get such truck and driver CPC training from community college and technical schools.

In-person training vs. Online training:

Online training is much cheaper than the first appealing option but it has its flaws. You would still need a short in-person training after that. In-person training is expensive but it covers all necessary areas of this field. In-person training is usually preferred even though it’s expensive.

Average training duration:

Short driving training programs demand a full commitment for at least 3 to 6 weeks and for detailed training, you will be required to pay 5 to 20 weeks of your life.

License requirements:

You can apply for a license when you have at least three to five years driving record, a driver’s license from the state. To get a truck driver license you would additionally have to pass a drug screening, physical exam, and of course a background check.

Truck driving career options:

After passing the CDL exam, an individual can look for entry-level driving positions at the local or regional level and the national level when he is competent enough for that job.

Is training worth the money?

Of course, it is going to pay you back if you invest your heart and soul into it. The hard-earned truck driving license would probably be enough not to have a backup plan.

Though training covers all aspects of this field, a newly trained truck driver can continue expanding its knowledge by attending seminars and other such educational activities. It won’t be a waste of time.

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