What are Car GPS Trackers and How Do They Work?

What are car GPS trackers and how do they work? Well, Global Positioning System or GPS use to locate anything or anyone. GPS has a tremendous impact on all positioning, navigation, and locating in the world and over decades. Nowadays, vehicle tracking became very much necessary to detect things to stop thefts. Having a vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee isn’t a cup of tea as they don’t promise to provide top-notch service.

There are several tracking devices in the market with no monthly fees, but as we know, these devices do not work properly. Through the different tests, I found out that there are 5 best tracking devices that you do not have to pay a monthly fee.

What are Car GPS Trackers: Best Vehicle Tracking Device no monthly fee

You’re eagerly waiting to know what are car GPS trackers and how do they work. Am I right?  Our experts have demonstrated the 5 best monthly free GPS trackers with a proper explanation. These devices will ensure your safety, security, and comfort of use without any previous experience. and you can  also know about vehicle tracking device no monthly fee from this article.  So let’s get to it.

  1. Xy Find It

If you want to get the best GPS tracker without spending a buck, then this one could be a great option. The amazing device will give you the best option to find your products easily. Besides, the hexagon-shaped device has helped many people and taken the risk of losing your products away.

How Xy Find It Work?

  • You can use this tracking device easily with an app on the smartphone.
  • You have to download XYFindIT from the play store for android and iStore for iOS.
  • There’re GPS and Bluetooth options on your phone that you need to turn them on. 
  • The hexagon-shaped key finder will be shown in the section.
  • Now, you have to install a tiny Xy on the vehicles, which is away from you.
  1. Itrail GPS Logger

This GPS detector will find itself and the vehicle you added with this device precisely. This small device has a large battery, which will run for almost 4 days continuously. This also a cost-free location detector, so you don’t have to pay anything for it.

How does Itrail GPS Logger Work?

  • You have to install the Itrail GPS Logger app on your pc or smartphone.
  • You have to charge your device using a USB cable over time.
  • After introducing this device to your vehicle, you’ll get an alert message if anyone touches it.
  • The Connected Pc or Smartphone will be in the range of three-meter of the vehicle with the tracker. It will be 100% accurate detection alert.
  •  When you are driving your vehicle, it will provide the Speed of the car and show the time.
  • It can work along with Google Maps and can provide you the travel history.

It has a motion-activated sensor, which makes this device efficient. It will show you a 3D view of the road, and you can pinpoint the address using a tap or mouse. You can use this device in another important product of yours.

  1. LandAirSea Tracking Key 2

This is a micro GPS tracking device that will assist you in locating your vehicle without any cost. Owners can easily track their vehicles using this simple and easily usable tracking device.

How does LandAirSea Tracking Key 2 Work?

  • After attaching this device to your vehicle, it will find the vehicle’s location within 1 second using the passive logger tracking method.
  • This locator shows up to date data for future use and inspection every second.
  • This device shows data captured in the device using SilverCloud Tracking software on your mobile or Pc.
  • It stores data of traveling route, mileage, stoppage duration, and detailed address and present in the app.

The internal storage of this device can track almost 100 hours of data. It requires a 23A size battery that can last for almost 4 weeks. It has a very easy and simple UI with google earth data. You also can print the tracking report of this device.

What are car GPS trackers and how do they work? Alas! You own a car but haven't bought this tracker yet? Let's make that clear for a happy purchasing.
  1. JLEKONG GPS Tracker

JLEKONG GPS Tracker can provide you with real-time data and Emergency SOS calling service on your phone. This device sends accurate data every second. You can also track your vehicle with your smartphone and get every second of data and report.

You can get an emergency SOS call and track the vehicle’s data using 2g GSM sim on your tracker. With a full charge on the device, it can provide a non-stop tracking feed for 5 days.

How does the JLEKONG GPS Tracker Work?

  • Using this tracking device, you can get a live feed of tracking through GPS, WiFi, and LBS positioning. You will get a mistake-free data feed.
  • To track your vehicle, you have to install an amber360 App from the play store or iStore on your device.
  • You will get SOS callings and data reports without paying anything.
  • You can observe your vehicle with this device on google map.

It provides an automatic alarm for 10 to 500-meter distance and 100 to 1000 meter distance location accuracy using LBS.

  1. VyncsFleet GPS Tracker

This is a track with OBD diagnostic tool that provides real-time vehicle tracking feed. Using this tracking device, you get tons of information about travel locations, mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance timing, stoppage duration, and speed details.

How does VyncsFleet GPS Tracker Work?

  • If you want to use this tracker in your car, you need to install the necessary software on your device.
  • It has a sim card, and you have to insert it and turn it on.
  • Attach the device with your vehicle

The fleet dashboard of this tracker supports several fleets with easy access control. Driving the vehicle sends you a zone alert in a friendly manner.

Final Word

What are car GPS trackers and how do they work? Hopefully, you’re quite clear about these trackers and their working procedures.  Besides, some impressive GPS trackers will make your way easy and comfortable.

These devices will help you in finding your vehicle if any unusual event happens like theft. So, GPS trackers have become more popular for car owners, and no one wants to lose his favorite vehicle. Didn’t you purchase yet?

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