What Are the 5 Different Types of Vehicle Bumpers?

Although every bumper will have been designed to protect your vehicle from damage there are actually as many as five different types of bumper to choose from.

If you search for a bumper at a car accessories store in Utah, for instance, you will discover that there are a variety of different options and finishes. That means you can order a standard bumper that fits the manufacturer’s spec for your vehicle, or you can go for something different like a tube bumper, or a cowboy bumper, to name a few other options to consider.

Let’s take a look at the different types of bumper you might want to fit to your vehicle. 

5 Different Types of Vehicle Bumpers

A standard bumper does the job

You usually get what you pay for with a standard bumper. In other words, it does what it says on the tin by providing a level of protection using a bumper that stretches from left to right below the grille.

The vast majority of standard bumpers you can buy are made to the specification created by your vehicle manufacturer for your make and model. Although a standard bumper is obviously fit for purpose it is fair to say that the overall quality of a standard bumper won’t be the best around.

You would have to ask yourself the question of how effective a standard bumper might be if you have a collision. They might not give you the level of protection you expect. That’s why it is worth considering upgrading your bumper with some other bumper options.

Tube bumpers are stylish as well as functional

The reason why a tubular bumper looks so much better than a standard bumper is that the tubular shape means it comes to rest over your truck’s lights rather than sitting directly below the grille like a standard bumper.

If you choose a tube bumper you will get a version that is stylish but is also made to be durable and offers great protection too.

A cowboy bumper is designed to cope with a heavy workload

Also known as a deep drop bumper, a cowboy bumper is usually longer or taller than a standard bumper.

It is a bumper that is designed to cope with a heavy workload and cope with towing tasks too.

If you want a robust bumper that delivers good damage protection while you put your truck through its paces, a cowboy bumper fits the bill.

A step bumper makes it easier to swing a leg 

You will discover that a step bumper is similar to a standard bumper, but with one major design difference. It has a step in the middle.

A step bumper is designed to make it easy to swing a leg to get into your truck bed. You can get one with or without a towing hitch, depending on what you need.

A roll pan bumper is designed to blend in

If you are not that bothered about having a bumper that looks like an accessory you might want to take a look at a roll pan bumper.

It looks more streamlined than a standard bumper and does a great job of protecting your vehicle without trying to stand out.

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