What Are the Advantages of Riding a Motorcycle?

Did you know that the U.S. motorcycle industry has a market size of $7 billion? The motorcycle community continues to grow each year keeping the demand for bikes high. 

Have you considered purchasing a bike and learning how to ride a motorcycle? Are you unsure if motorcycles are worth the time and money? The benefits of motorcycles are more vast than you might realize.

The following guide will explain several advantages of riding a motorcycle. Read on and learn why many Americans have decided to buy a bike and hit the road.

Motorcycle Socialization

Riding motorcycles is a great way of making friends and meeting new people. Group rides, motorcycle events, and meeting other riders at stops provide new ways to socialize.

You’ll have an easy conversation starter when you meet another motorcycle owner. Fellow bikers often share experiences and swap their favorite routes. 

There’s also the classic motorcyclist wave when passing another biker that bonds riders. A simple wave to another biker makes you feel a part of a large community.

There are also specific events for all types of riders. For example, some events celebrate Women in Automotive and help female riders to connect.

Discover Nature and Routes

Riding a motorcycle allows you to connect to nature more than a car. You’ll feel the wind and sun, smell the air, and see your surroundings more vividly.

Motorcyclists also discover routes they wouldn’t ordinarily take and sites they wouldn’t have seen. There are many lists and apps that help riders find great roads all over the country.

Getting outdoors on a motorcycle also helps many with their mental health. The freedom of being on a bike often relieves stress, anxiety, and improves moods.

Riding a Motorcycle Saves Money

Motorcycle repairs don’t cost as much as repairs for other vehicles. Bike maintenance is also easy enough to do yourself. In fact, many find motorcycle maintenance to be a fun hobby in addition to riding

Motorcycles save money because they get significantly better gas mileage than most cars. Some bikes get double the miles per gallon of standard commuter vehicles.

You might expect motorcycle insurance to be expensive, but that isn’t the case. It’s actually much lower than typical car insurance prices. The average cost of motorcycle insurance is only $364 each year for riders.

Motorcycles Save Time

Some states allow lane splitting which lets motorcyclists ride between cars in traffic. Certain states also allow riders to use express lanes on the freeway. Although, it’s important to check out your state’s specific motorcycle laws.

Easy parking is another great motorcycle benefit. They’re small and easy to maneuver into tight spots, especially for parallel parking. Motorcycles also eliminate blind spots when pulling out of a parking spot.

Ready to Hit the Road?

Now you know some of the biggest advantages of riding a motorcycle. They help you experience nature, save money, and make new friends along the way!

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