What is the Best Motorcycle Brand? Meet the Top Contenders

Did you know that in the year 2019, 780 000 new motorcycles were purchased in the US alone? These figures show immense the motorcycle world is, not only in America but also worldwide. 

As a beginner biker, you’ll surely be asking what is the best motorcycle brand? Keep reading below for our guide on the best motorcycle brand to own!

Formidable Honda

One of the very best brands you can own is, without a doubt, a Honda. Known for its bulletproof reliability, Honda combines there machines with the latest in technology to make sure a rider gets the most bang for their buck, like with the 2022 CRF 110, a bike that even the most newbie rider can ride with ease.

Founded in 1948 with the goal of bringing the most productive motorcycles out for the world to enjoy and tear up any formidable trails that the world has to offer. Honda has won the Dakar rally an incredible 6 times, which shows how tough and reliable this brand is.

Fast BMW

BMW isn’t only known for its vehicle production; in fact, it has a strong name in the motorcycle world and produces very iconic models that take the world by storm. BMW is known as the first company to produce a Motorrad in 1922, which simply means that the world has BMW to thank for being the first company to produce motorcycles in the world and created the craze we know today.

BMW is best known for there boxer flat-twin engine that changed what customers expected from a motorcycle engine and how it performed. 

British Triumph

The youngest motorcycle producer on our list, Triumph has been producing some beautiful and classic motorcycles since 1984, but their lineage can be traced back to 1902.

Triumph loves to take a classic-looking motorcycle and modernize it with the latest technology on offer, which appeals to both young and old consumers. Not lacking in speed either, triumph produces some of the fastest motorcycles in the world and producing adventure lines of models that can go just about anywhere.

Japan’s Suzuki

Suzuki didn’t start off as a contender in the best motorbike brand category, and up until the early 1970s only built two-stroke motorcycles. Suzuki is probably most famous for its sport bike division where they continually produce some of the fastest and highest horsepower motorcycles in the world. 

Bikes like the Hayabusa and the GSX-R 1000 have changed the way manufacturers produced bikes, and we have Suzuki to thank for always challenging the speed barrier.

What Is The Best Motorcycle Brand?

To merely select one brand and say that one is the best brand known to man is an impossible feat. Each brand has its pros, and each person’s taste is very different. 

So what is the best motorcycle brand? Only you can tell; select one based on what you like and one that will keep you coming back for more. Are you looking to buy your first bike? Need any advice on which brand will suit you? Visit our page and find out more!

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