What Is the Purpose of a Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe?

There are over eight million motorcycles in use in the United States today. That’s a major increase.

Are you getting into the world of motorcycles? Are you confused about what the exhaust pipe on your new motorcycle is for?

Read on to find out the purposes of motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Keep Gases Away

Motorcycles, like many vehicles, create exhaust. These gases aren’t great for people to inhale, nor are they great for the environment. Exhaust pipes direct the gas away from riders, which helps keep your lungs safe.

Avoid The Burn

The exhaust also has the problem of getting very hot. This can burn you if it goes through the vehicle in the wrong way. An exhaust pipe directs the exhaust out to a safer exit. This can also improve your overall motorcycle performance since it can prevent your bike from overheating or otherwise malfunctioning.

The Noise

The noise of an exhaust pipe also has benefits. Some people believe that the noise from loud exhaust pipes saves lives, but that’s just not true. You can read more about loud exhaust pipes here.

But, quieter pipes do have benefits. They cause less of a racket in residential areas, which can actually decrease the likelihood of accidents.

There Are Different Types of Exhaust Pipes

There isn’t just one style of exhaust pipe for every motorcycle. There are actually lots of types of exhausts, so you can look for one that’s right for your needs. Some of the different types of exhausts include:

  • Dual exhaust pipes
  • Four into one exhaust pipes
  • Four into two exhaust pipes
  • Two into one exhaust pipes
  • Drag or straight exhaust pipes

If you’re not sure what the differences are, you can do some research or you can talk to a motorcycle service professional.

But, no matter what type of exhaust pipe you have, you’ll need to keep it carefully maintained. Clean your exhaust pipe regularly to prevent buildup. Use metal cleaner on the pipe first.

You can use a scrub pad to get the cleaner off. Then, use water to make sure you didn’t miss anything. It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think to clean your exhaust pipe.

Exhaust Pipes Improve Performance

A good exhaust pipe can improve your motorcycle performance in ways beyond overheating, too. It can prevent mechanical issues and ensure that your engine continues to run smoothly.

If you don’t think the exhaust pipe you have is working correctly, you can look into your motorcycle exhaust system installation options. There may be upgrades available for your bike.

Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes: Now You Know

Clearly, there is more to motorcycle exhaust pipes than meets the eye. Now that you know more about them, you should have more respect for them in the future.

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