What Should My First Steps Be After My Car Accident?

You are likely to get into an accident with your car. What should you do? There are specific steps to take and ensure everyone is safe. Perhaps you would also have to start an insurance claim process. So, if you get yourself into an accident, the essential thing is to follow the law, and most importantly talk to car accident attorneys for help. Immediately after getting into an accident, the first steps should be the following:

Check Yourself For Injuries

In an accident, there could be minor or major injuries. So, the first thing is to confirm whether you experienced any injuries. If you have sustained serious injuries, you should immediately call 911 or ask anyone around to do so. When you are seriously injured, you should not move. Wait until emergency personnel arrive. If you are not injured, you can try to help those who are injured.

Check Your Passengers

If you have passengers in your car, you should check their well-being. When one or more of them experienced injuries, ask a bystander to help you call for help. As long asyou are not injured, call for help.

Call the Police

In most accidents, there are usually property damages, physical damages, and even death. So, in any type of accident, you should call the police. It is crucial to ensure that the police report is filled out after they arrive at the scene. Also, take the information of their name and badge numbers of those officers who arrive at the scene.

Exchange Information

The next step is to take the information of the driver involved. Ask for their names, addresses, license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers, names, and basic insurance information. Additionally, if there were passengers, ask them for their basic information: name, numbers, and addresses. While talking to the other driver, cordial and cooperative. Remember, when you are involved in a Car accident settlement, don’t apologize for anything. Apologizing means you’re admitting legal liability of the accident scene. Immediately after the accident takes place,it may not be clear who is at fault. And in most states, fault will not be determined by which insurer pays for the losses. You, therefore, don’t have to admit guilt unnecessarily or unintentionally.

Talk to Witnesses

You also have to ask all witnesses about what they saw. Ask their information and write them down, such as names, contacts, and addresses. It’s also good to speak with locals and ask them whether they have witnessed other accidents taking place in that spot.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Lastly, and most vital thing to remember, contact and inform your insurance company. Cooperate with them about what has happened and extent of injuries. You have to explain the facts clearly.Don’t lie because after the insurance company realizes you lied, you’ll be in trouble. Obtain the police report file and know the one who broke the law.


It is very important to take these essential steps in case you are ever involved in a car accident scene. Remember that getting compensated for the accident is a hassle. To win such a case, hire a reputable and trustworthy car accident attorney to ensure you receive the legal compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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