What to Do If You’ve Been In a Car Accident: A Complete Guide

After accidents, people often ask, “Why me?” But, 6 million car accidents occur each year in America, making them not so uncommon.

Many people feel overwhelmed and fall into a panic, preventing them from taking the necessary steps to protect themselves physically, financially, and legally. Let go of the things you cannot control and take proper action following your accident.

Read on to learn what you should do after a car accident.

Seek Safety

Accidents feel disorienting. But do not allow the confusion to compromise your safety.

After a crash, pull your car to a safe position if possible, to prevent another car from hitting you. Turn off your engine to prevent a fuel leak from causing a fire or explosion. Flip on your hazard lights to warn approaching vehicles.

Check for injuries. Get all passengers moved to a safe space unless they show signs of a serious injury.

Contact the Authorities

Call 911, even for accidents that do not seem serious. They will send the necessary emergency vehicles to help with any injuries, road blockages, and/or cleanups.

The police will also come to the scene. Filing a police report provides a reliable third-party statement and links the accident with any damage claims upfront.

This allows you to report proof of damage the accident caused to you and/or your vehicle. It also prevents the other party from fleeing the scene before exchanging information or lying about injuries or damage to scam your insurance company out of more money. The police can help determine fault as well.

Exchange Details

Give your name, contact information, and car insurance information to the police there. Get the other party’s as well to make things run more smoothly with your insurance provider.

Offer a detailed account of the accident. Do not apologize or admit fault here, because this may hurt you later.

Remain calm and matter of fact about the accident details. Allow the police and insurance company to determine fault based on the facts of the incident.

Take Photos

Take pictures of the accident scene, your vehicle, their vehicle, and any visible injuries after the incident. This may not seem like the time for a photo op, but pictures say a thousand words that may help your case later. Move around and try to get detailed photos from every angle.

Seek Medical Care

If you do not get taken away from the scene unconscious, go to emergency or see your doctor following the accident. First and foremost, this can prevent you from missing a serious injury that may threaten your life.

It will also provide a clear assessment of your health from a medical professional after the accident. If this case ever goes to court, you may need this.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company asap. They tend to take a while, so you want to get the ball rolling. Provide them with all of the information you obtain from pictures to police reports.

Call Your Attorney

After a major accident, you may deserve compensation. Or, you may need to protect yourself from fraud. View here to learn how a car accident attorney can help.

Take Control After Your Car Accident

A car accident can make you feel out of control. Take back your power by taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and fix the situation.

We want you to always take the best route when it comes to operating your vehicle. Check out helpful car insurance tips on our website!

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