What to Look For in Quality Auto Repair

The department of transportation suggests the average driver puts more than 13,500 miles on their car per year. If your ride comes near these numbers, it’s going to take on some wear and tear. 

Yet, if you keep your car maintained, it should operate like a well-oiled machine. However, it can be challenging to choose the right mechanic. If you want to keep your wheels on the road, you need to find quality auto repair.  

This process can feel a bit daunting, but there are helpful things to consider. Read on to discover some tips for keeping your car happy. 

Good Reviews

The first place to start when searching for repair shops is doing your homework. Reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can be tremendous tools. 

To this point, both good and bad reviews can help you formulate an opinion on a mechanic before you arrive. Some of the things to look for are customers’ thoughts on price, work ethic, and turnaround time. It’s also a bright idea to look at a mechanics business bureau report. This will ensure you are working with a trusted car repair shop. 

Price is Not Everything

Many consumers consider price to be the main determining factor in a purchase. With a mechanic, while important, price isn’t everything. 

The cheapest option will likely result in unreliable repairs. Typically, you get what you pay for. With something as important as your automobile, you can’t afford to take the cheap route. In this case, paying a bit more for superior work is worth it. 

Mending Your Model 

Not all cars are created equal. You need to determine if your prospective auto mechanic ormeau is capable of handling your make and model.

Some auto repair centers strictly specialize in imports. Additionally, newer year cars have computers and sensors that make automotive repair more complicated. You’ll even want to ask if the shop is using original equipment manufacturer parts. 

A good mechanic should be very familiar with your brand of car. Some places like Performance Auto Center will post the types of vehicles they are willing to work with. 

Certified Mechanics

Considering you won’t get to see what the mechanics do when they pop the hood of your car, you should check if they are certified. 

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence offers the AES certification for auto shops. The process requires a mechanic to have hands-on experience and take a test. What’s more, the certification has to be updated every few years. 

If your shop has AES mechanics, it is an indication they know their trade.

Finding Quality Auto Repair 

Finding good auto repair can be a complex process. Yet, these are some helpful tips to consider when looking. Keep this guide in mind, and you will have a leg up in finding a mechanic. Considering how much people rely on them, cars deserve quality work. 

If you found this article helpful, stick around. The blog contains a wealth of information on all things automotive.  

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