What You Need To Know When Buying for a New Electric Bicycle

There’s a growing demand for electric bicycles nowadays. A lot of folks love the designs, the additional power, and the overall driving experience that e-bikes provide. Today, you see cyclists riding their e-bikes on the road, on a mountain trail, or just around your neighborhood. 

E-bikes are affordable and you can buy them easily at a nearby bike shop or online. But before you buy one, you have to know what to look for in an electric bike. Read these tips below.

Know the Reason Why You Need a New E-Bike

We always have reasons why we want to buy a thing, and it’s the same with buying an electric bicycle. You have to know why you want to buy one and what you’ll use it for. It’s the first step that will determine what type of e-bike you should buy and what specs to look for on your new e-bike. 

New Electric Bicycle

If you love trail-riding, it’s wise to buy an electric mountain bike that allows you to traverse mountain trails without putting too much exertion. Or, if you want to start commuting to work with an e-bike, you can buy a road-friendly electric bicycle for that purpose. 

Go for a Fast E-Bike

One practical tip to follow when buying an electric bicycle is to buy one with the fastest speed. Electric mountain bikes usually have a top speed of 25 to 30 km per hour. But if you’re going to use an e-bike on the road, buy one with a top speed ranging from 35 to 45 km per hour. Read e-bike reviews online to help you find what’s the best e-bike out there. 

Size and Weight Matter

Buy an e-bike that you’re comfortable maneuvering and riding. That’s why you must consider the size and weight of the e-bike you’re going to buy. 

Electric bicycles are generally bulkier and heavier than traditional bikes because of the battery and motor attached to them. It’s estimated that e-bikes are 5 to 7 kg heavier than their traditional counterparts. But some e-bikes are smaller in size and can be folded for easy storage. 

Determine How Far an E-Bike Can Travel

Besides speed, it’s also crucial to know how far your e-bike can go on a full charge. You have to ensure that your e-bike can help you go to your destination. So, when buying an e-bike, consider how many kilometers an e-bike can cover at full boost. Before going on a ride, see to it that you charge your e-bike so that you won’t have a problem on your journey. 

E-Bikes are Fun to Ride

Electric bikes are no doubt one of the innovative means of transportation in the 21st century. When it comes to road commuting and mountain biking, e-bikes can do the work. Plus, they’re also fun to ride without giving you too much of an effort to drive them, especially when you’re going through challenging terrains. 

Whatever level of a cyclist you are, e-bikes are good for you. Aside from the fun, it’s also worthy to mention that e-bikes are good for physical exercise. 

Great for Commuting to Work

If you can arrive at work using an e-bike, why not use it every day? Not only that you can save money from gas, but you can also have good cardio exercise daily. Many people are now using e-bikes to go to their workplaces because of the benefits that they give them. 


Before you buy a new electric bicycle, you should know what specs to look for in an e-bike to ensure that you get what’s worth your money. Know beforehand for what purpose you want an e-bike. It’s also crucial to consider the speed, size, weight, and, the distance it can travel per charge, 

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