What’s the Fastest Way to Sell a Car?

Whatever your reason for wanting to get a quick sale and put some cash in the bank from the sale of your car it helps to know the easiest and fastest way to get it sold for the best price.

You will likely be thinking who can buy my car and what’s the best way to make sure you are paid a fair price and achieve a fast turnaround?

Here are some of the best routes to take when looking for a fast way to sell your car.

Sell a Car

Getting an instant cash offer

If you have seen another car you want to buy or simply need to sell your vehicle to raise some quick cash, one of the best options would be to check out some buyers who are offering an instant cash settlement.

Do a bit of research and check out what you think your car is worth. Bear in mind that there are a number of pricing scenarios that come into play. An instant cash offer is potentially going to be more generous than the trade-in price you might be offered by a dealer if you are buying another car and want them to take yours in part exchange.

The other advantage of getting an instant cash offer is that you then have the money in your hand to do what you want with it.

It is always a good starting point to get a couple of cash offers to see how they compare. It can also help you to see whether any offer you get from a car dealer is in the same ballpark.

Do you know someone who wants a car?

Word of mouth can be a great way to get a cash offer. Selling to someone you know or is a friend of a friend can make the transaction a bit less stressful than selling to a complete stranger who responds to an advert.

However, you might be expected to sell at a very keen price if they think they are doing you a favor and know you want a quick deal.

Try the trade-in route

If you are set on buying another car from a dealer it is always worth asking what they will give you for your vehicle as part of the deal.

Trade-ins involve minimum hassle in finding a quick buyer but remember the dealer is eyeing up a profit and will probably try and offer you a price that allows them a profit margin when they sell it on to another customer.

It never hurts to get a trade-in offer so that you can see which option works best for you.

Selling privately has its pros and cons

Finding a genuine private buyer can be a good way of selling your car fairly quickly at a reasonable price. The obvious downside to this option is that you have to go through the hassle and cost of advertising it. You then have to be really careful about who you deal with as there are lots of scammers or questionable people who might try to con you in some way.

The majority of potential private buyers who respond are probably okay, although you will also get a fair share of timewasters, so it is a way to sell that is not the easiest or quickest.

All things considered, getting an instant cash offer can usually be the quickest and cheapest way to get a fair price and money in your bank within a very short space of time.

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