Who is Liable in a Rideshare Accident?

Although typically responsible drivers, rideshare employees sometimes make mistakes that lead to awful accidents. Rideshare drivers have increased the rate of crashes and fatal accidents after 2014. After you’ve gotten into a rideshare accident or been hit by a rideshare driver, you may be confused about who to seek a settlement from when the driver was to blame. If you believe that the driver is at fault, the rideshare company must cover damages now that rideshare drivers are considered employed. However, this may not always be the case. According to car accident attorneys, in some cases, you can sue the rideshare driver so that their insurance company covers your damages. 

If Rideshare Driver Caused The Accident

Rideshare companies such as Uber, Lyft, and others provide auto insurance for their employees. This is only under the condition that the driver is active and doesn’t have the driving app off. Additionally, they must be available or waiting for a ride request, en route to the passenger, or performing delivery services. When the driver is not actively working for the rideshare company, you will treat them how would a normal driver who got into a car crash with you. 

Most rideshare companies have an insurance company covering their employees; for example, Uber and Lyft have similar standard insurance coverage rates. When available or waiting for a ride, the rideshare company’s auto insurance will cover $50,000 in bodily injuries per person, $100,000 in bodily injuries per accident, and $25,000 in property damage. When the driver is en route to pick up passengers, you can be covered up to $1,000,000 in third-party liability. If the driver was grossly negligent or your damages far outweigh the coverage plan, you can consider seeking a settlement from the driver’s car insurance company. 

What Happens If Someone Other Than The Rideshare Driver Caused The Accident?

Whoever holds liability for causing the car accident is the one who would owe you compensation. If you were a passenger and someone else crashed into your rideshare driver, you would seek compensation from that driver’s insurance company. If there was an obstacle in the road that is due to poor maintenance or neglect by a construction company, then you could hold the municipality that owns the road or the responsible construction company liable for your damages. 

When Should I Sue The Rideshare Company?

In most cases, you can work with your attorney to help you obtain a settlement, which doesn’t require a lawsuit. You do this by providing preliminary information to your attorney so that they can launch an investigation into your accident. They will look up the driver’s background history to see if they had a previous history of bad accidents, find traffic camera footage, contact witnesses, and look at pictures from the crash scene. Your medical bills will be additional proof that helps show how the accident happened. Pictures of your injuries and wounds will also be evidence to help reveal how severe your wounds were. 

Should I Accept A Lump Sum From The Rideshare Company?

It is important that you decline any offers from the rideshare company or their insurers and speak to your attorney first. They can help you get fairer compensation by accurately estimating your damages. Insurance companies often leave out damages that should be included in the settlement, saving them money and reducing the amount they should receive. They also neglect to estimate pain and suffering damages which make up most of the settlement amount. Don’t allow insurers to take advantage of you; let your attorneys speak to them on your behalf and negotiate a fair settlement that fully reflects all of the damages you sustained. 

I’m Not Sure Who Is Liable For My Rideshare Accident And Need Help; what Do I Do?

Speak to an attorney to help you discover who can be held responsible for your rideshare accident injuries. It is possible that your rideshare drive isn’t to blame, or you may have to seek damages from them and not the rideshare company. When your case is a little complicated, attorneys can help you overcome this confusion and find a way to get you the settlement you deserve. They can also help you negotiate a fair settlement that honestly reflects the number of damages you are owed. You will only need to file a lawsuit if the other party refuses to settle, which is unlikely. Speak to an attorney today to learn more about your claim. 

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