Why Do You Need Window Tinting for Your Car in Sydney

When you think about Sydney, the first thing that comes to your mind might be its iconic Sydney Opera House. But surprisingly, just a drive away from the city lies a whole list of hidden gems. 

Whether it’s the Greater Blue Mountains Drive or the Sydney-Melbourne Coastal Drive, the best way to enjoy a road trip is in a chic, window-tinted car, keeping you cool throughout the journey.

Car window tinting in Sydney has gained immense popularity among car owners, thanks to the service’s physical, material and aesthetic benefits. Here are a few plausible reasons that will make you look at it as something more than a luxurious utility.

Reduces Heat

During the bush fires, some parts of Sydney experience high temperatures, around 100 degrees. A recent report reveals that the western Sydney suburb, Penrith, was the hottest place on Earth during March this year.

For such high temperatures in Sydney, it is best to have window tinting for your car. The renowned specialists provide quality tints that can reduce solar heat transmission by up to 80%.

Offers Protection from UV Rays

Except from April to August, the UV radiation index in Sydney is usually high, around 7. The harmful UV rays not only damage your skin and accelerate aging; in the worst case, they can cause skin cancer.

Reputed consultants in Sydney provide quality window tinting that can block 99% of the sun’s UV rays from entering your car. With even the light tint, you can have protection from both the damaging UVA and UVB radiation.

Offers Protection for Car Interiors

Sydneysiders love to incorporate Napa leather in their car upholstery. Also, since most cars in Harbour City have in-built Apple CarPlay and Android Auto options, the Alpine range of products is quite a trend in this part of NSW.

It is not enough to invest in branded accessories that can make your car equally luxurious from inside as it is from outside. But with professionally installed car window tinting in Sydney, you can protect your four wheeler’s interiors. The protective tint will prevent your car seat covers from fading and the electronics from getting damaged.

An Energy-efficient Option

Sydney is a car-dependent capital city, with about 50% of households in the City of Sydney and 81% in Greater Sydney owning at least one car. 

The thought of the ACs in these many cars, burning the fuel in the summer months, can be mind-boggling. Luckily, window tinting experts improve energy efficiency with the tint film. The tinted window keeps your vehicle interior more relaxed, thus eventually reducing your trips for gas refills.

Offers Privacy

The crime rate index for accessories stolen from cars in Sydney is moderately high at 30.18.

With areas like Blacktown making in the top 10 car theft hot spots across Australia, it is ideal to have window tinting for your car as a safety measure. With professional help, you can prevent miscreants from eyeing the valuables inside your vehicle, thus enhancing your privacy.

Sydney adheres to NSW laws that allow 35% VLT for front side windows and 20% VLT for backside and rear windows. If you wish to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and bolster its safety, consult a window tinting consultant. They offer excellent functionality, giving your car an upscale look, and protecting your vehicle without violating NSW window tinting laws.

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