Why is a Single Speed Bike Great for Commuting?

Single-speed bikes are quickly becoming a more popular method of getting around. They are especially well-designed for those who prefer cycling in the city rather than getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work. If you are on the fence about which type of bike you should get for your daily commute, here’s some more information about single-speed bikes that will help you decide.

Easier to Use

For people who use the city roads to get to and from work, a single-speed or fixie bicycle is the best option for quick acceleration and stopping. This is important to stay safe on roads where other vehicles might not be so considerate of your presence. Unlike a bike with multiple gears, you don’t need to worry about adjusting gears before getting up to speed at a busy junction.

Single Speed Bike


While some expensive mountain bikes are designed so that they are as lightweight and transportable as possible, single-speed bikes are by their very nature less burdened by the additional weight of multiple gears. This makes them ideal for busy people who need to quickly leave the house and get to the office without struggling with a heavy bike. In addition, if you ever need to bring your bike onto the train, it is significantly easier to lift it onto the rack without much effort.


Single-speed bikes just so happen to be sleek and stylish as well as practical. Although commuting isn’t exactly the ideal time for a fashion show, having a good-looking bike feels similar to driving a fancy car without the expense or hassle.


One of the most common reasons for people preferring a single-speed bike for their commute over a multiple-gear bike is that it usually costs much less. Some multiple-gear bikes can be prohibitively expensive, and you may feel too afraid to cycle something that costs so much in case of causing damage to it. On the other hand, with a single-speed bike, you can worry more about getting to work on time rather than scratching up an overpriced piece of kit.

Longer Lasting

Since multiple-gear bikes are inherently more complicated, there is far more that can go wrong with them compared to a single-speed bike. The friction of changing gears can eventually lead to wear and tear that demands either repair or replacement, whereas a single-speed bike has no such problem. This is yet another reason why single-speed bikes are more affordable since they don’t need to be replaced as often. Their maintenance may also be much easier as well due to them being less complex than a standard bike with multiple gears.

Low Maintenance

Even if you don’t need to replace a multiple-gear bike, chances are it will still require far more upkeep over the years than a single-speed bike. Again, this is due to the added complications that come with more gears. With your single-speed bike, you will still need to keep it in good condition, but you don’t need to be a bicycle expert in order to do so.

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