Why Most Car Accidents Occur and How They Can Be Avoided

For most of us, traveling accounts for quite the part of our daily lives. We travel for work, groceries, and meeting our friends, just to name a few. As many of us tend to drive ourselves on a bike or car, the most important aspect of it is to be aware of all possible perils on the road and drive responsibly.

Unfortunately, car accidents are rather common, and with them, they bring tragedy and pain in most cases. From personal injuries and loss of life to damage to material possessions, car accidents are never a pleasant experience and can leave one devastated.  

Car Accidents Occur

The amount of car accidents taking place is rising with every year that seems to be passing by. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reported an unfortunate escalation in the number of car crashes by 10.5% in 2021. From 38,824 fatalities being reported in the year 2020, this number climbed up to an alarming 42,915 in 2021.

Looking at the evidence in front of us, it’s important to grasp why these road accidents take place, to begin with. It’s only after answering this question that we would be able to keep our loved ones and ourselves safer from such a calamity.

Whether you drive a car or a bike, below you’ll find some reasons why auto accidents occur and how they can be potentially avoided:

  1. Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving accounts for one of the more common reasons for road accidents to occur. It has been reported that distracted driving accounts for 1,000 individuals experiencing injuries every day. Distractions can range from anything like using your mobile phone to using the GPS within your vehicle. 

Distractions while driving can be minimized in multiple ways. It can include keeping everything organized within your vehicle or using a voice-guided navigation system. If you have kids creating any form of commotion within the car while you’re driving, it’s better to pull over to the side road to deal with it.

  1. Not Being Mindful:

A good driver isn’t one who simply obeys the law or drives carefully. It’s someone who’s very well aware of their surroundings and the overall dynamics of the road. You might be driving in your lane, well within the speed limit but a car could come out of nowhere and crash right into you. You won’t be blamed for the accident in all likelihood, but you might experience injuries or worse. 

When driving, it’s very important to bear in mind potential dangers and drive accordingly. Always check left and right when crossing a signal; even if the signal light is green. Watch out for damaged potholes or distracted drivers as well as pedestrians.

  1. Drunk Driving and Over-Speeding:

As alcohol has the tendency to impair your senses, avoid driving drunk under all circumstances. If you feel even the slightest that you’re too drunk to drive, don’t hesitate in calling a cab or an Uber to take you. Moreover, always drive within the speed limit even if the road ahead of you is completely empty. Road accidents only take an instant to occur and can change your life forever.

  1. Bad Weather and Under-Maintained Vehicles:

Bad weather conditions have often contributed to many accidents occurring on the road. Rains lead to wet, slippery roads that reduce a vehicle’s road grip and often cause them to lose control while driving. Heavy fog often impairs your visibility while driving. 

Another point that connects to bad weather is traveling in a vehicle that hasn’t been well-maintained. A vehicle’s tires may not be in the best condition, hence, increasing the chances of a vehicle losing control even further. 

Always invest as much as you can in the maintenance of your vehicle. Make sure your tires are in tip-top condition, your headlights are fully working, and your windshield wipers are functional. Moreover, always check the weather conditions prior to leaving your home. You can also find many route-planning apps that can inform you of the weather conditions for the route you are planning to take.

Road accidents are a very serious topic and shouldn’t ever be taken as anything lesser. Always put in your best effort while traveling to ensure a safer journey for yourself and the ones you care about. With just a few steps, you can definitely reduce your chances of getting into a road accident. 

If you are a resident of Chicago and ever find yourself caught up in a road accident, a good way forward would be to engage a reliable, Chicago car accident attorney. Handling the situation yourself may not give you the justice you truly deserve. 

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