Why should you insure your SUV?

In recent times every other decent SUV has managed to level their prices to that of a sedan when compared. Many people feel that buying insurance for an SUV is costlier when compared to insurance for other cars. However, it’s not always like that. SUV insurance is easy, you just need to compare and evaluate different insurance plans offered by different vehicle companies in order to get the perfect one that matches your needs. 

Does insurance for SUVs cost more than that for other vehicles?

This question has different answers based on the price of the vehicle you’re willing to purchase. If you’re aiming for a luxurious SUV then the insurance costing of the vehicle will automatically rise whereas if you’re aiming for a decent SUV similar to that of a sedan, then there might not be much difference between their insurance costs. 

Consumers believe that every SUV insurance causes a big hole in their pocket but the real thing is that once you start digging for options, you will always find something that fulfils your needs and also your financial budgets. 

How High The Insurance Costs Might Go In Case Of Regular Cars Vs SUVs

Due to relatively bigger sizes of SUVs, as compared to regular cars, there might be a slight projection in insurance costs. But here’s a relief to it – with the prices between sedans and SUVs slimming each day, this might be a similar case for insurance costs.


Though a truck is much more heavyweight and large in comparison with SUVs, it is much cheaper as compared to a typical sports utility and hence the insurance costs are higher for the SUVs compared to trucks.


With the increase in car retail market demand, both sedans and SUVs are available in different price ranges. The main principle here is more the market value of the insurance costs.

Here’s a surprising catch though, on average, the annual insurance costs for an SUV is $315 less than that of a sedan.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Before planning to buy an SUV, it is advisable to do some homework regarding the cheapest yet reliable car insurance companies around your place. There might be a remarkable difference in deals for your car if we compare and contrast with different car insurance companies. For an exact amount, your vehicle and location are to be provided.


If you are residing in the UK and looking for some good, affordable car insurance companies, here’s some help.


With insurance premiums ranging as low as £195, LV is deemed as one of the most reliable automobile car insurance companies in the UK. They take into account comprehensive coverage from accidental damage coverage, no claim discount, windscreen fixing and replacement and so on. No matter what type of car you own, this company might play a major role in cutting down some bucks on your insurance.

Company NameProsStar Rating
LVOffers windscreen fixing and replacement, accidental damage coverage and no claim discount schemes. 5 -star
ChurchillVandalism protection, courtesy car, guaranteed 5 year repair and 24 hour helpline
5 -star
Hastings Direct24 hour helpline, courtesy car, multiple tier options and EU cover available to all coverages.5 -star


Now here’s a quick look towards the affordable car insurance companies in the US with good ratings.


One of the most preferred companies that have been in the business since the 1930s is Geico. Known for their wide array of coverage options, Geico also gives automobile insurance rates at discount prices to students, senior citizens, federal employees, military personnel, and many more. More information regarding a personalized quote for insurance, rules, and regulations, and minimum coverage requirements can be availed from their website.

State Farm

If you want to bask in the various discount offers, State Farm is the go-to trusted car insurance company for you. Their wide range of options for coverages includes rental insurance, comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, and rideshare insurance ( which means if your vehicle is being used by a commercial ride-sharing company). There are different plans available for sports cars, vintage cars, and classic cars.


One of the best places in the US for excellent deals, Erie can be the one for you with special discounts for safe driving, young drivers, multiple policies and so on. Due to the market, insurance costs might fluctuate but not to fret, with the Erie Rate Lock, the company promises a fixed rate. 

Under this feature, your insurance costs will remain unchanged unless you change your parking spot or add/remove a driver or car. You can avail a range of added benefits from this company on extra costs such as personal item coverage, auto glass repair coverage, pet coverage and also locksmith services.

Company NameProsRatings
GeicoDiscount offers for students, federal employees, military personnel, and senior citizen groups879
State FarmOffers wide insurance coverage options, different plans for sports cars, antique cars, and classic cars822
ErieSpecial discount offers for safe driving, young drivers, multiple policies and annual plans; fixed insurance rate with ERIE Rate Lock

Other popular companies to look out for

If you want to look for more options, you can check out the various options offered by USAA, Progressive, Liberty Manual, and Allstate. These are companies based in the US. For UK options, you can check out companies like AXA, Admiral Group, Aviva, CSIS, or Bell.

Bonus Tips: How to Save Some Bucks on Your Car Insurance Costs

Here are some of the guidelines which may help you cut down the costs being drained for your car insurance.

  • Choosing the same company for all the types of policies will help you attain some special discounts.
  • Maintaining a good credit score as well as good driving records.
  • Wise choice of add ons as they are separate costs.
  • If possible, do not buy the latest model of a particular car lineup as the latest vehicles cost more for insurance.
  • In cases of multiple vehicles, try to bundle them up under a single policy.
  • Increase your deductible amount.
  • Compare with as many companies as you can to attain the best suited and affordable deals on your car insurance.
  • Invest in a vehicle that is provided with the latest safety features, and park your vehicle in a protected and sheltered area to cut down your insurance costs.

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