Why Using A Truck Bed Cover Is Important

The American love affair with the pick-up truck began a long time ago. As trucks became more popular, they’ve consistently sold well. With American vehicles offering more diesel options in their pick-up trucks and the popularity of pick-up trucks continuing to thrive, it’s no wonder the market for truck accessories seems to be growing right along with it! There’s something rustic and nostalgic about driving around rough terrain or going on a journey in a truck. Whether you’re hauling cargo, storing items for safe transport, keeping your bike in the back on your way to a trail, or just wanting to keep your truck bed protected from the elements, using a truck bed cover is a great idea. 

Protection From Elements

The elements can present a significant problem for pick-up trucks. Using a Tonneau cover is a good way to prevent damage from them. Covers might be hard or soft, with rugged and resilient materials underpinning their design. Hard covers can feature heavy-duty aluminum panels or fiberglass. Soft covers might be constructed with vinyl or canvas. Each material offers unique benefits, so deciding what’s best for you largely depends on your needs. Assess your own needs and select your cover appropriately. Many covers offer some degree of weather resistance. Nothing is worse than damage to your finish, to the truck bed itself, or to your precious cargo caused by nasty weather. Ice, wind, hail, rain, and snow are the natural enemies of your truck bed. So, combatting them isn’t just smart—it’s a necessity! Fortunately, a truck bed cover offers plenty of weather resistance due to its sturdy construction, finish (granular or otherwise), and material selection. While they aren’t completely waterproof, they can mitigate some of the damage or risk caused by adverse weather, ultimately keeping your truck bed in good condition as you travel along.

Better Gas Mileage

The age-old question of “how do I improve my gas mileage” has many, many answers. For better fuel efficiency with your truck, choose a truck bed cover. They’re more aerodynamic, they’re sleek, and they reduce the coefficient drag on your truck bed. In turn, this helps improve fuel economy. Because more gas is used during acceleration and as you pick up speed, finding ways to reduce drag inevitably improves gas mileage. It can be a fairly small amount, but it’s still enough to make a difference and argue the case for installing a Tonneau cover on your truck. There are other great ways to improve gas mileage, such as driving more efficiently, keeping tires at proper PSI, and doing proper engine maintenance as the vehicle ages. 

Versatile Options

Consider the different, unique, and often multifaced options Tonneau covers can provide. There are soft rolling or hard rolling covers for certain needs. Then there’s the soft folding, hard folding, tri-folding, and retractable versions that offer even more versatility. Maybe you want something simpler such as a one-piece lid with a cap. Or maybe you want to go with a low-profile option. Perhaps your needs require something that has a built-in truck box or can be locked in both open and closed positions. Ask yourself how you use your truck and what kind of cover will work best for you. A bit of self-assessment often leads to great decisions, so taking an approach that’s any less for your own vehicle is a disservice to yourself and what you’re hoping to achieve when you go out on the road. Ultimately, your Tonneau or truck bed covers (the two terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing) can serve just about any purpose you desire, so choose wisely and choose well. You’ll be glad you did!


One of the best reasons to install a truck bed cover is pretty obvious: better durability. Both hard and soft covers are made with durable, sturdy materials that can stand up to some punishment. Materials can vary from canvas (soft) to fiberglass (hard). Each offers a dynamic, multifaced use depending on driving style and purpose. Choosing a hard or soft cover should be based on the type of truck you have, how you’re going to use it, whether it can be easily installed, and many other personal factors. Regardless of your choice, find a quality, reputable dealer to ensure you’re getting the best, most durable cover for the job. 

Theft Prevention and Organization

Theft of tools, cargo, or other goods from the back of your pick-up truck can be devastating. But the reality is that your gear, tools, cargo, and even groceries are vulnerable if left unattended in the bed of your truck. No one wants to lose something as they travel or return to their vehicle after shopping or working only to find it’s been burglarized. Using a truck toolbox can help increase the security of your tools, but it’s almost necessary to add a secure truck bed cover to the mix. The security improvements are only part of the substantial benefits they can supply. Truck bed organization is also essential for preventing theft and keeping things in line. A good Tonneau cover also helps in this regard, giving you an area to keep things in order without worrying about their overall security. 

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