Why You Should Store Your Motorcycle Indoors During the Winter

Winter weather conditions can be extremely harsh on your motorbike if you leave it outside. In most parts of North America, sub-zero temperatures, ice, and snow are all common, and they can do a great deal of damage to your ride. Storage should be your main concern in winter. Here are reasons why you should store your motorcycle indoors in winter.

  1. Prevent rust

If you have ever left your motorcycle outdoors in a snowy winter, then you know that your ride can build up rust pretty quickly. Long exposure to ice and salt from snow plows can cause major damage to your motorcycle’s chrome. Ice and salt cause rust to form immediately, and if you sit outdoors for an extended period, the rust will eat away your mirror, exhaust pipes, wheel spokes, and forks. 

You can prevent this from happening by storing your bike indoors and shielding it with a cover to prevent rust build-up. If your motorcycle is not properly covered, rust can still build-up due to temperature changes. It is important you check for gaps and cracks and fix broken windows in your home to prevent any temperature changes when storing your motorcycle indoors. 

  1. Charge your battery

A motorcycle’s battery tends to run low when not used for a long period. You risk a dead battery and disappointment on your first day of spring when you want to hit the road after a long cold winter. Storing your bike indoors where there is an electrical outlet allows you to keep the battery charged, which helps to keep it in good shape throughout winter. Motorcycle batteries are expensive, and keeping them charged over winter can save you some bucks. 

  1. Keep it clean

One sure way to keep your ride in optimum condition is to make sure it’s always clean. With your ride outdoors, it will be exposed to the elements, including mud, dirt, dust, bugs, and leaves. In addition to the damages from snow and ice, this exposure will leave your motorcycle grimy if you leave it outdoors during winter. 

  1. Security

Keeping your ride indoors during winter not only protects it from debris and rust but also prevents vandalism. It helps to be extra careful since thieves are on the lookout for particular motorcycle parts. Storing your bike indoors keeps it away from prying eyes. 

  1. Preserve its value

The damage rust and dirt build-up cause to your ride during winter can result in a significant decrease in its value. When it comes time to sell your bike, potential buyers may want to know where you store it. While it may be impossible to store it indoors all year round, saying you kept it indoors during the winter shows a potential buyer that you took proper care of the ride during harsh weather conditions. 

  1. Lower insurance rates

Storing your ride indoors can attract discounts from your motorcycle insurance carrier. Storing your bike indoors minimizes the risk of theft and rust and dirt build-up, which implies minimum repair and maintenance costs. 


If you want a trouble-free spring, you must put away your motorcycle properly in winter. These are reasons why you store it indoors, especially during winter. 

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