Why Your Car is Probably Overdue for Servicing

Far too often, vehicle owners push off critical repairs and preventative maintenance. While the reasons vary, the majority of cases are financially motivated. According to one study, roughly 64 million drivers could not afford a $500 repair.

The issue is that putting off the repair and servicing only causes additional failures and a larger bill. Here we will answer the question of how often should you service your car. Explore topics like why regular servicing is so necessary and the top maintenance tasks that drivers put off.

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

The answer to how often should you get your car serviced depends on the make and model. Not all vehicles are manufactured with the same reliability standards.

Some vehicles require an oil change every 3500 miles. Others can go much longer without a service visit.

A good rule of thumb is to bring your vehicle in no later than every 10,000 miles. Regardless of the make and model, you should not go that long without a professional evaluation.

What Maintenance Tasks Are Commonly Pushed Off?

In general, many drivers are willing to push the envelope on car maintenance. It is not uncommon for these individuals to drive it until it breaks down. Read on for some common maintenance tasks that are pushed off to the last minute:

Oil Changes

You cannot start a how often should you get your car serviced blog without mentioning oil changes. Oil changes are one of the easiest and cost-effective maintenance tasks. However, millions of drivers put it off.

Modern auto tech keeps drivers apprised of the vehicle’s oil life. A check engine light also notifies drivers that changing the oil is necessary.

Yet, drivers still put it off until the oil life is critically low. This procrastination allows your vehicle to run on dirty oil and other more expensive issues are certain to arise.


It is not uncommon for drivers to run their battery until it is completely dead. Then, they are left stranded in a parking lot on a freezing cold day.

Checking the car’s battery life is a routine part of any multi-point inspection. Auto mechanics perform a battery check at the car dealership or any repair shop. When the battery gets low, do not wait to replace it.

Brake Pads

Many drivers hear the warning signs of thinning brake pads and do not take action. Instead, they wait until the noises grow more severe and ominous. By waiting, you ultimately are going to spend more on your brake job.

When grinding noises start setting in, the rotors are now taking on damage. In addition to brake pads, now you may have to pay to replace the rotors as well.

A Recap of Servicing Your Vehicle

It is time to start treating your car like the investment it is. By emphasizing maintenance, your vehicle will run smoother and last longer. Things like changing the oil frequently help reduce the likelihood of more expensive failures.

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