Yamaha MT 07: All You Need To Know

One of the best learner bikes under the Australian market, the Yamaha MT 07 is one of those bikes that fall under the LAMS or Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme version for licenses, meant for learners and local riders. With good reviews from various motorcycle rating corporations, the bike boasts a top speed of 214 km/hr.


The Yamaha MT 07 is a popular bike hailing from the bloodlines of the MT Standard series from Yamaha. Initially released in 2014, the bike has an engine capacity of 655-689cc that can deliver 55 kW power at 9000 rpm speed. The engine is liquid-cooled with four-stroke power delivery. With a compression ratio of 11.5:1, the engine produces a torque of about 68 NM at a rate of 6500 rpm.

The bike provides a smoother transmission with a six-speed constant-mesh gearbox with telescopic suspension systems. It’s relatively reasonable to ride on, having a fuel consumption of 24.2 km/L.

With the weight of the bike being lighter compared to other bikes along with a smooth engine response, the bike provides the rider with an overall better driving experience. Yamaha MT 07 is usually everyone’s first choice for a beginner bike.

Why Yamaha MT 07?

Not only is it one of the best bikes approved under the LAMS but it also packs a relatively high amount of torque, so the rider doesn’t miss out on all the action. The double ABS on both the wheels has enough stopping power to peak any rider’s confidence.

The ergonomic design of the seat with the proper placement of the handlebars provides a riding comfort like no other. The engine is lightweight, but it can roar better than any other. The DOHC engine has parallel-twin fuel injection that allows the rider to feel the full force that the engine unleashes. With enough power to cruise with ease through the city streets and peak power to rage along the countryside, this dual-purpose bike is a win amongst learners. The motorcycle allows smoother control of the engine and handling as well, perfect for beginners.

With a sleek engineering design that’ll give top end bikes a run for their money, the bike comes in three colours that give way to its elegant design. These are namely Raven Black (matte), Yamaha Blue and Ice Fluo. All these colours go well with the stunning design of the frame.

The bike bagged the famous ‘iF’ award in 2015 for the category of the powerful and lightweight engine that was compact and stylish.


The Yamaha MT 07 is a bike that’s aggressive and bold but calm and gentle to handle. Built for every environment, whether it’s the busy streets of cities and towns or the dusty rough terrain of the outer countrysides and canyons, the bike packs a wallop with every crank. The bike allows the rider to feel the pulse of every thrust and torque subtly reverberating through the engine, heightening the rider’s experience. With it being easy to handle and providing smoother acceleration, it makes every amateur rider feel the confidence of a professional.

So with a stunning engineering design, a knack for power deliverance and an engine that controls the action smoothly to every extent, this bike is the perfect example of automotive ingenuity. Suppose anyone wants to ride an aggressive but precise motorcycle with the confidence and luxury of that of a high-end sports bike, this perfectly-balanced machine is the best way to go.

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