Yamaha Niken Review Top Speed Mileage & Details

Yamaha Niken review three-wheeler is beautiful superbike. Swing a lower leg within the Niken, and it’s very clear that the bike is not any plaything, neither a unit match for newbies. With a curb bodyweight of 580-lbs as well as a 59.4-inch wheelbase (.39 in. much more expanded compared to Tracer 900), the Niken top speed demands an affordable degree of harmony and bicycle-managing abilities typically, especially at reduced rates. Although using three wheels, the Yamaha niken top speed doesn’t self-harmony, requiring the rider to keep it vertical and manageable.

Yamaha Niken reviews


Such as a traditional motorcycle, the revocation provides a satisfying education of activity compressing in the course of area access, pressing upon the specifically created 15-inch Bridgestone Battlax A41 tires as you carve through turns. The feeling feels similar to a two-wheeled motorbike, excavating to the pavement by way of a corner, or perhaps a set of snowfall skis, for you no-riders.

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If carving edges will be the foundation of what makes fast motorcycling so pleasant. Yamaha niken mileage is all about distilling that sensing and making it easier and more secure for the rider to carve away to his heart’s content. Under a significantly broader variety of conditions because of getting two contact patches in advance instead of just one: The hope is that when one particular loses grip, another occupies the slack for long enough for its mate to gain back hold.

yamaha niken top speed

Also, they move you up a little, to 32.3 in ., which is a smidge bigger compared to the MT-09 but 30mm lower than the Tracer 900’s chair size. The seat’s a bit around the full side, too, to keep with the Niken’s more full frontal location, and the original impression is that this can be a pretty big and big bike as you pick it up from the sides stand.

Brakes would be the weakest point. Every entrance wheel becomes a single 265.6mm disc clamped by a several-piston caliper that looks such as the ones in my 2000 R1, and there’s another 298mm disc out back again. The fronts never have significantly power upon the preliminary press, but they have lots when you go for a good grip in the handle.

2019 Yamaha Niken Specifications:

Engine type
3-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valves
847 cc

Front brake
Hydraulic Double Disc, Ø 265.6 mm
Rear brake
Hydraulic single disc, Ø 298 mm

Fuel tank capacity
4.8 gallons

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