Yamaha To Likely Launch New Bikes In India by 2021

Yamaha has always remained the popular choice of Indians. This fastest-selling and one of the oldest motorcycle brands of India surprises the bike lovers and bikers of the country with fabulous new releases almost every year. The year 2021 is always going to be a witness of some new models and versions from Yamaha. Sales of Yamaha India rose almost 17% in September 2020 in comparison to the same month in September 2019. The mother company Yamaha Motor Company is willing to make India its primary base both in terms of manufacturing and distribution within the coming five years. The company currently manufactures 1.7 million bikes in Indians manufacturing units that they want to the extent to 2.5 million by 2025. Naturally, the company will be eager to release Yamaha new bike for attracting customers.

Yamaha new releases for 2021

The year 2020 was tough for the automakers. Though several automakers had announced new releases and upgrades but some failed to keep their promise. Yamaha is a bit different in this matter. Yamaha had launched a few new versions in 2020, and they have some big new Yamaha release and announcements in 2021 too.

Following are new Yamaha motorcycles 2021:

  • Yamaha MT 03 2020

It’s expected to be launched around February- March 2021 atthe auto expo. It may be priced around Rs. 3 Lakhs. As such, MT 03 will be compared with other premium bikes existing in India. This tubeless, double-disc, dual-channel bike will have an engine capacity of 321CC.

  • Yamaha YZF R1

This model will be launched around May-June 2021. The manufacturer is giving some final touch to this bike. The bike price will be around Rs. 21.00 Lakh. This tubeless, dual-channel, double-disc superbike will have an engine capacity of 998 CC.

  • Yamaha R3 2021

This model will be launched around June-July 2021. The manufacturer is coming with some newest technologies in this model. Its price will be around Rs. 3.50 Lakh. This tubeless, dual-channel, double-disc will have an engine capacity of 321 CC. It will have a liquid cooling system.

Besides, the following new models or upgraded models are also expected to be found in the market in 2021:

  • Yamaha XR 155 – Expected price Rs.1.40 Lakhs and expected launch April-May 2021.
  • Yamaha MT 09 2021 – Expected price Rs. 11.50 Lakhs and expected launch June-July 2021.
  • Yamaha WR 155R – Expected price Rs. 1.50 Lakhs and expected Launch July-August 2021.

The above analysis and researched data pointers shared by ‘Droom’ are eye-opening facts and it surely motivates many to consider Yamaha bikes for their next purchase. The past records of the brand have set a high expectation for its upcoming models and it is expanding Yamaha fan club even further.

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