What to Consider when Buying EV Chargers Wholesale

I. What are the Types of EV Chargers Wholesale?

Electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions are fast becoming a lucrative venture as more and more EV drivers emerge seasonally. With this upsurge, manufacturers of these charging solutions have resigned to making electric vehicle charging more accessible. Consequently, more manufacturers are making quality EV chargers available at the best competitive market prices. Hence, the diversity in the types of wholesale EV charging solutions. 

Have you ever wondered what types of wholesale EV chargers are available?

EV chargers available are of two main types. The wall-mounted EV chargers and the floor-installed EV chargers. These two types are further classified into AC types of EV charging and DC. 

Majorly, the wall-mounted EV chargers are typically for residential or, in some cases, commercial use. At the same time, the floor-mounted EV chargers are usually outdoor charging solutions. Outputs for the AC chargers range between 16amps to 32amps. In contrast, the DC chargers produce up to 240kw. Whatever your selection is, we trust it is for optimal satisfaction and quality experience with your EV charging solutions. Overall, selecting your wholesale EV charging type should be from a reliable and trusted supplier.

EV Chargers Wholesale

II. What are the Features of an Electric Vehicle Charger?

These features are vital to all EVs, and you must understand them, especially if you’re a newbie to EVs.

  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – This dynamic communication feature is crucial to any EV charger that permits interaction of your EV charger with any other OCPP-compliant software. The hardware and software benefits of OCPP allow you easy access to charging stations, get the best charging experience, and manage your EV charging hardware.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing – Since 67% of EV owners charge their vehicles at home, overcoming the challenge of overloading the circuit becomes a critical consideration. Fortunately, dynamic loading adequately takes care of this problem by allocating power to the appliance with the most critical need without worrying about overloading the circuit.  
  • Compatible with Solar PV System – A solar photovoltaic system is a system that converts solar power to electricity. Therefore, a quality electric vehicle charger must be compatible with a solar PV system. The solar PV system consists of multiple components that enable the smooth conversion of solar power to electrical power. One of these components is the solar panel.
  • Customize All Types of Connectors – Various EV charging accessories suppliers specialize in customized charging connectors. Another important feature required of a quality electric vehicle charger. The type 1 chargers are mainly residential, while type 2 and hybrid chargers are the faster chargers installed at outdoor charging points.

III. What should you Consider when Buying Wholesale EV Chargers?

When buying electric vehicle chargers wholesale, there are considerations to be evaluated. Some of these considerations are highlighted here:

  • Budget-friendly – Buying EV chargers at a retail price could be on the high side, especially for companies who desire to provide charging stations as a medium of corporate social responsibility. This sometimes could be exclusive of other overhead costs. Therefore, wholesale purchase is more cost-effective in such scenarios.
  • Adequate Demand – A good knowledge of what users of EV chargers need at different locations based on proximity to the parking stations. The demand for EV chargers also assists in determining the number of charging stations required to be installed.
  • Installation – Singularly installed EV charging stations costs more than installing multiple points. It is imperative to have in mind that installation is labor-intensive. Moreover, why install a single charging point when you can get a great bargain on the cost of labor to install multiple points?
  • Reliable supplier – A trusted supplier of wholesale EV chargers is crucial to get value for money and supply quality. Discounted prices could also be a part of the deal to win a customer’s heart and retain returning customers.

IV. Why Choose EV-Top Wholesale EV Chargers

Here are some benefits that make EV-TOP outstanding among contemporary EV charger manufacturers.

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) – EV-Top has a low minimum order quantity due to the high inventory turnover. That equates to the high number of orders they attend to simultaneously. It is only quality-centered and customer-centric suppliers that can provide this benefit.
  • In-house Manufacturing – EV-Top’s in-house manufacturing ensures that quality is attained at all levels and meets every customer’s requirement. Essentially, the EV-Top manufacturing process meets all concerned standards. And this includes all quality control standards and certifications. 
  • Wholesale Discount – There are a few suppliers with quality products and competitive pricing. EV-Top tops the list of such suppliers, hence its name EV-Top. Furthermore, when it has to do with EV chargers, EV-Top offers one of the most competitive prices in the market. Therefore, remember to order your EV chargers from EV-Top if you want the best bargain.
  • Timely Response – EV-Top has one of the shortest turnaround times as they engage and conclude negotiations with customers in no time. Timely response only accounts for the level of professionalism actualized by EV-Top.
  • More than 10 Years of Expertise – Over ten years of industry experience has placed them amongst the best manufacturers and suppliers of EV chargers and accessories. Most especially wholesale EV chargers, and over the years, they have invested much more in R&D to constantly improve on products and services offered.

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