Creating the Perfect Garage Workshop

You don’t have to have a network TV contract to fulfill your dreams of having the perfect home garage. You may not be ready to host your version of Nitro Circus, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create the ideal place to work on your bike or car. With DIY videos and YouTube tutorials, many routine maintenance chores are now being done by owners instead of being sent out to expensive shops. If you are interested in doing some of your basic car maintenance, you will need a functional and comfortable space to work.

Having a dedicated space where you can work on your custom details, tinker with repairs or upgrades, and get down and dirty is all that you need. What you do with that space is entirely up to every individual taste, but there are a few essential things that every good home garage shop should have. 

You don’t have to create a professional garage equal to your local CSN 427 Auto Collision shop to feel at home and have the right amount of functionality. Your shop should reflect your style, your passion and provide a comfortable place to get away and dream about your next road trip.


Every shop needs to have the right lighting to make working on intricate machines a bit easier. If your shop is dim or only has dull overhead lighting, you are limited to the amount of work you can get done. Make sure that you have the right shop lights mounted to start and then work from there. 

Mounting a few movable spotlights can be a dream when you need to take a look at some of the more awkward places on your bike. You can also get creative with some stylish mood lighting by installing a rope lighting system to impress your guests.

Floor Mats

Most home garages have a poured cement floor that can be practical, but tough on the legs and feet. If you are spending a lot of time tinkering on your vehicles in your garage, you should consider adding padded non-slip matting for your comfort. These mats will not only insulate your floor, but keep the cold from seeping into your feet and keep you safe from slip and fall accidents.

Tool Chest

No self-respecting bike owner has a shop without a decent set of tools. These tools need a home where they can stay organized while remaining easy to reach when they are required. You don’t need to have a vastly complex system to hold all your tools, but you should have a locking and moveable toolbox to store everything you need.

Mounting a cork or pegboard over your workbench can be a convenient addition to any home garage. Keep your bench clean while having essential hand tools just a simple reach away hanging on your board. Everything from hammers to socket wrenches can be stored on your tool board, clearing up space for more expensive or delicate tools in your tool chest.

Art Collection

The word “art” is entirely up to your interpretation. It may mean a collection of Harley Davidson memorabilia, a spread of hot monthly classic car babes, or portraits of all of your favorite bikes. Whatever your style, this is your chance to make this space reflect your interests and passions. Fill up the walls with the things that mean the most to you and tell the story of who you are. You can invite friends and family members to add to your collection, making it a more meaningful and personal display. 

Guest Seating

Whether they own a bike or car, every guy dreams of having their own “man cave”. If you want to create the ideal space for you and your friends to hang out and talk about life and bikes, you need to make them comfortable. Put in a few stools or a small couch where the guys can kick back and relax. 


There’s no better way to get into the zone while working on your bike than listening to some of your favorite tunes. You shouldn’t skimp on the stereo system for your bike shop. A surround sound system can allow you to get the rich sound you are looking for with smaller speakers that can be tucked up and out of your way.

Climate Control

It’s not easy to fine-tune your engine if you have sweat rolling into your eyes or your fingers are so cold they are numb. To create a welcoming and practical place to get to work on your vehicle or bike, you need to add some climate control. A small electric heater or pellet stove will keep you warm in the winter, and a small air conditioner and a ceiling fan will keep that sweltering summer heat out of your garage.

The long winter months when the roads are too dangerous to ride on can provide you with plenty of time to work in your shop. Try incorporating some of these tips to help you create the perfect home motorcycle shop for you to enjoy for years to come. 

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