The very best motorcycle apps to add to your devices right now 

Innovation isn’t just occurring in the popular motorcycles we ride, such as the new Honda CG 125. In fact, it’s happening everywhere, particularly with the smartphones and tablets that society has become heavily reliant on in the modern environment. Alongside the increased power these devices tend to offer has come a selection of apps that people are making the most of, with these apps taking seconds to download and providing users with a handy tool that can accessed as and when required. 

For motorcyclists with a passion for the open road, there is a selection of new and improved apps that can be housed on your devices with ease and provide you with plenty to get stuck into. Apps in this area are fairly diverse, with motorcycle enthusiasts around the world turning to a plethora of popular applications to help them reach a destination faster, provide up-to-date weather news, give them an insight in their favourite motorcycle manufacturers and what exactly they’re up to, and even find a motorcycle to buy online. The options are certainly extensive. 

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If you have a passion for all things motorcycles and want to add more motorcycled-themed products to your devices, then there are a range of viable modern-day options that are well worth looking at. Alongside ordering in food using apps like Uber Eats and reading the latest sports news before indulging in some motor racing betting, these apps can be fired up whenever you need them and sit comfortably in your pocket throughout the day. So, without further ado, below is a look at the very best motorcycle apps to add to your go-to devices right now.

The Harley-Davidson app is a must 

If you’re a long-term admirer of the manufacturer or you’ve recently purchased your first ever Harley-Davidson motorcycle, then housing the official app on your device is a must. Not only does it offer you up-to-date news on the world-famous brand, but you can also explore the service’s handy GPS tracker; it comes with a trip planner, and you can even complete a series of rider challenges that are also on offer. Also enabling riders to keep tabs on any nearby Harley events and stay in the loop with any of the company’s plans moving forward, it’s an essential app for lovers of the American motorcycle manufacturer. 

Rever is one of the most popular apps in this space 

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of using Rever yet, then you definitely need to. A slick application with an all-in-one design, users can make the most of an interactive map and all-round planning system that comes in extremely handy during any long journeys you’re planning on undertaking. You can add custom trip itineraries, track your speed, use the app’s GPS navigational feature, and explore a selection of other useful features that every rider requires during a motorcycle adventure. 

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Dark Sky is a reliable weather app 

The weather can make or break our plans, can’t it? In order to stay in the loop with the ever-changing weather of today, a reliable app is vitally important. A product that delivers is certainly Dark Sky, a weather app that offers hyperlocal forecasts and detailed reports. Offering unrivalled information on the weather and up-to-the-minute updates that won’t spoil any of your proposed plans, this excellent option is worth considering. Not only is it straightforward to use, but it even comes with extreme weather alerts that you’ll be notified of with a ping on your device. 

EatSleepRIDE is Rever’s main competition


If the aforementioned Rever didn’t manage to win you over for whatever reason, then EatSleepRIDE just might. Essentially the same type of product but is presented in a slightly different way, users the app can use its GPS navigation tool when needed, it comes with a crash detector that can save lives, it also offers more social network features than Rever, while EatSleepRIDE is easier to use for many people. While it does cost a small subscription fee, the main differentiator between EatSleepRIDE and Rever is this particular option’s exclusive crash detection technology, called CRASHLIGHT. A wonderful inclusion that detects a crash should one occur and notify your predetermined emergency contacts in the process; it really can save a life should the worst happen. Clever, right?

Other motorcycle apps to consider include GasBuddy, Pirelli Diablo Super Biker, BikerSOS, Motolog, Tom Tom Go Mobile, Detecht, Waze, and Best Biking Roads. 

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