Ways That Technology Trends Will Affect the Parking Industry

As the number of vehicles on the road is increasingly growing, more and more traffic issues are likely to occur. This is especially true if the current parking facilities and transportation infrastructure cannot cater to the increasing number of cars. However, the last few years have seen widespread use of technology in the parking industry in an attempt to improve operational efficiency. Adapting to these new technologies can help you capitalize on the growing demand for parking spaces.

The good news is that different tech companies have developed innovative solutions for the parking industry. Smart parking solutions like WhereiPark help alleviate common parking problems by allowing you to find and book a parking slot in your preferred location at the most competitive rates. As a result, this reduces the time and fuel used driving around the town searching for vacant slots while also making life easier for parking managers. In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways that technology trends are transforming the parking industry:

1. Improve Parking Pricing

Instead of building new parking lots, parking companies can improve prices for their existing parking lots by utilizing new technologies. If you own a parking facility, this technology lets you customize parking based on day hours, peak and off-peak times, location, and more. This way, you can charge more for parking slots in prime locations and cut the price down for lots away from the city center. This allows drivers to choose where to park based on what they can afford and their convenience.

Additionally, the introduction of cloud-based tech and smart parking platforms can help significantly reduce the overall cost of managing parking areas, especially in populated urban areas. This, in turn, will reduce the prices of parking lots for drivers. This will also allow car park owners to quickly recover the money spent on developing and running the parking facilities.

2. Payment Flexibility

Today’s innovative parking solutions allow you to integrate multiple payment solutions, including conventional methods like debit and credit cards and digital solutions like PayPal and Stripe. Flexible payment solutions are transforming the parking industry by making parking payment easier, more efficient, and more convenient for drivers.

With multiple payment methods, you can easily find your preferred method when paying for a parking slot. The availability of mobile payment options provides drivers with great convenience since they don’t have to spend hours standing in long queues to pay for parking. Instead, they can make payments on their mobile devices, saving plenty of valuable time and making them more confident about coming to park again in your facility.

3. Improve Customer Experience

One of the major impacts of new technologies is that public agencies and parking managers now have access to real-time data feedback. The increased availability of data helps develop and improve customer experience since parking lot owners can effectively work together with car owners and other stakeholders.

Owing to the increased transparency, parkers can now compare parking charges even before visiting them. As a parking space owner, you should strive to keep your records transparent to win over loyal motorists. For instance, you could use a mobile application to integrate online payment methods. However, you could also use the mobile application to provide drivers with real-time parking information and parking space availability. Moreover, you could send direct messages to parkers when their parking time is about to expire and offer them an option to extend it.

4. Automated Parking

Automated parking allows you to drive to the bay, lock the car and let it safely place your car in its allocated space. This kind of car parking allows for better utilization of available space, unlike conventional car parking, where extra space is allocated for cars navigating the car park. Additionally, this parking implementation is ideal for locations with limited room for further expansion. It also offers efficient car storage since it allows stacking the cars without the patrons’ involvement, thereby allowing for extra safety for both the patrons and their vehicles.

5. Parking Guidance

The Parking Guidance and Information System implementation often encompasses two broad categories:  either for an entire city or only within a designated car park facility. It provides the necessary information to aid you in reaching the parking destination and also helps you in locating a vacant parking space within the facility. The city-wide implementation of PGIS helps you find a vacant parking space via the occupancy status of current users across car parks within the city. However, locating a vacant parking space within a specific car park will ultimately be provided by the PGIS implemented within the car park.


Advancement in technology is no doubt a boon to the entire human race in many aspects, and it’s rapidly transforming all industries on the planet, including the parking sector. Parking spaces have proven problematic to manage as cars continuously enter and exit the premises, allowing limited time for parking owners to maintain order and manage the car park effectively. It’s necessary for car park owners to consider the integration of technology into their parking spaces in a bid to automate the parking process. As more technologies emerge, they will play a vital role in the future of the urban development parking approach.

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